once upon a city

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This game was made during the OFF (Odense International Film Festival) gamejam and details the exploits of a young man returning home after a civil war has decimated his hometown (Odense).

You control the character by using the WASD keys or the arrow keys.

The air in the city is toxic after the civil war, so the player has to keep this tabs on his health through a health bar. He regenerate health by eating food that is lying around, but will loose health if he encounters purple plumes of smoke.

If you get lost, just stand still for a second and an arrow will appear to show you where to go.

This game works best on Firefox

Follow this link to download for mac & PC: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B9t8vIXieaahb3VCT1EzMWZrV1U&usp=sharing

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I somehow managed to get to the end, which was both abrupt and nonsensical. The brother has just been going from safehouse to safehouse, just barely missing his brother's arrival, then at the end the brother writes about a blinding white light and how he can't find anyone (implying that he's dead?). If that's true, there wouldn't even have been a way for him to write the letter in the first place. Furthermore, the purple gas looked like it stayed at about foot level, so everyone could have easily moved to the roof of a building or something.

I wished the checkpoints would have disappeared whenever they were visited so that the direction arrows didn't get confused.
Nice music and animation though.

The voice over at the beginning is very difficult to understand, the hoarse whisper muddles the phrasing. That was an odd choice to go with as the first thing the player hears.

I wish the arrows had been more clearly defined. They kept pointing me into things I couldn't walk through and later being contradictory. I wasted a lot of time and lives just trying to get a grip on the game environment and what things meant. It doesn't help that the character can sometimes go halfway into dirt mounds and become completely obscured in them but not other times. I also got very irritated by the "to my brother" letter that just keeps replaying every time you enter the same area. I can't figure out what info from that letter is of any use to me, other than the warning about the purple gas that doesn't kill me any faster when it's present than when it is absent.

After collecting health items (are they picnic baskets? Capsule-shaped food things? Red squares in a gray oval? Can't tell) once, they failed to respawn. I don't know if that's an error with the code itself or an error with my browser trying to read the code but it's made replaying and getting farther than nothing pretty impossible.

I enjoy the art and the music, but this game is pretty unplayable in its current state.

The music and animation is well made! 4 star for you

I'm playing this without sound, so I can't say anything about the music, but the animation is good and fits the mood of the game. The story itself is interesting, although, yeah, subtitles would be really helpful. The gameplay is hard in the way that you slow down when your health gets too low making it easier for the "pink clouds" to get you. It could use a little more variation though with the design for the city. I have honestly died too many times to count, yet I enjoy the wandering.

Awful... the city looked like randomly scattered around, as I often hit obstacles in my way and died a lot of times. The speeches are odd and I can't understand even three out of ten words.
What it needs: Maybe a map (for the game to be challenging, obviously the map shows the city before the nuke or whatever, so you can't know where the road is blocked... but just have an idea of it. Secondly: SUBTITLES, for God's love...

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2.89 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2016
3:23 PM EDT
Adventure - Other