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Music video created in 2013 for local band aniYoKore. Had no limitations and rules to follow so it was pretty relaxed. It's not a commission either, just good ol "random experimental animating". It helped me keep myself together for the time. looks like nothing and I feel dumb for posting it now but it exists and I gotta catch up with y'all.


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I like this music so much. It keeps repeating the hypnotic harmonic notes and the voice drives me into a trance. The rough and sketchy animation fits the song's gloomy atmosphere. In other words, nice aesthetics.

Good job, I like your style and all of the interesting imagery you used.

Actually, this wasn't bad, bro. Thanks for sharing it here. :)

Well done! While I couldn't fully understand what was going on, I can say that simply sitting back and experiencing what imagery you were evoking with the music was communicated very well! It's good to see you put out more work, Sqeezy, don't ever stop. :)

Yes, you're back! I so rarely see submissions by my favorite authors nowadays. This seems more like something BlackTangledHeart would make. You've heard of him, right? This is just so creative. I have no idea where this is going.

It's just hard to remember any specific part that stands out. Everything is so wonderfully surreal it's hard to pick out a favorite part. I don't know why you waited years to submit this. What did Livecorpse have to do with this? Wow, he's been dead over twelve years!