Jesse's big secret

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Hello everyone! Here's our newest original project "Jesse's big secret". This is an intro chapter so there aren't any NSFW content in it, but all future chapters will be 18+. Hope you enjoy the game!
We're focusing solely on Summoner's Quest chapter 9.5 starting tomorrow. If you'd like to follow our work progress, we'll be streaming everyday on twitch.tv/ferdafs and the adult content on picarto.tv/ferdafs. Hope you're as hyped up as we are!

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I really liked it. Honestly this was my first ferdafs game ever and I thought it was so hilarious with Tyler and the story had the potential to get even better that I just couldn't help but become a fan of the Ferdafs series and artwork. I love your work man and I hope you keep making more Summoner's Quest and Jesse's big secret because I am a big fan of both! Don't care if there is any people who might say negative stuff, because your stuff is good and it always makes me happy to play whenever I get depressed.

Ferdafs responds:

Thank you. Once I'm done with the Rick and Morty game I'll get back to Summoners quest and Jessy.

really enjoyed this sample, its unfortunate we haven't gotten a sequel

Ferdafs responds:

I'll work on a sequel after Summoner's Quest!

The game is really good but my only dissapointment is that we got only one choice in the whole game. I really like the characters. Story is looking interesting but the reason why Jesse got in the prison is kinda stupid. I hope we got more freedom in the game like more choices, different paths etc.

I have really mixed feelings about this. The plot hook to get Jesse in prison was kind of awkward and it made me think magic is fucking with things... and then there's the warden. He just needs to die in the worst way possible. Please just for the love of god tell me he is going to be raped to death in prison after having all of his crimes shown to the world, because his type angers me to the very core of my being, and I honestly don't think I'll be able to come back to this without the knowledge that he WILL get what's coming to him. He comes off as a psychopath that gets off on dominating others, and if given the chance he WILL rape anyone that catches his eye. Course people who are like that are smart enough to know what exactly they can get away with and at what times, so they never get fucking caught no matter how horrible their actions.

All that aside, I really liked the goofy moments. Fae was a gem, and Rai is awesome. If the warden never shows up again that'd be fine too, but his type ruins stories for me.

this will consist of two things, a review and an idea [since it is an idea don't have to really even read it if you do not want to.]

First I find it kind of hilarious that the protagonist jesse is practically a walking example of murphy's law in action, everything that could go wrong for him, does in fact go wrong. so unlike some who might see the premise as a bit nonsensical i see more of the 'protag gets the shitiest luck' we see from the summoner's series, which yes that does mean comparisons can be made and that from a real world perspective the events are unlikely if impossible to occur, but that takes a back seat to the fact this is a story thus meant to entertain, suspension of disbelief and all that.

second, the characterization is not... that bad, reason i am iffy is because this is still just the prologue stuff thus can't really tell characters true colors just yet though i do find jesse making a joke on the trope of having protagonists talk to themselves humorous.

Speaking of talking to themselves I would have to say i honestly find the rai/? character interesting, and a bit intriguing in that she sort of instinctively was able to see through the disguise. got the feeling she is likely going to end up being the main 'partner' people are going to see outside of the cells. just getting a feeling on that.

Now on to the other characters, since not much characterization was given I will keep this brief

Simon is a dick to the highest of degrees and I am surprised he has not been called out on the treatment of prisoners considering the details, would have more to say but the whole 'equal employment' acts in the US prevents me from really criticizing the character on that front.

(also for those of you who might not think so winterspring is a real place, winter springs (the real name) is a city in Florida. and heck, due to that i can even place what prison this is likely taking place at.)

Fae reminds me a bit of a more strict and to the book cop, though something about her tells me there may be a bit more to that, i honestly do hope there is more to the character.

Anyway, now the lawyer, he is hilarious to be honest, he reminds me of someone who is just doing all of this just to see where it goes and damn the consequences considering he does seem to have a bit of a trollish (and i mean internet, not the other) nature considering the advice he gives, but honestly i do get the feeling when he does show up for the check ins for attorney-client it will be pretty funny results, he is kind of like the guy who on the one hand I want to punch in the face but on the other hand i can't help but smirk at his jokes.

The reason it is only four stars instead of higher is the simple fact of this is the prologue so not like to much would be needed for the moment, but if the next chapter is better then this one i likely will give it a higher rating.


Now the idea, I know this will likely take a fair amount of time but I would like to suggest possibly creating a 'entire' version of the game after the episodes are done with considering a entire version will help cover up the problems with the fact choices don't carry over between stories, i am aware that would likely mean it being worked on at the same time as the episodes considering it would mean a episode version then one with a little extra content to cover the choices made in the previous chapter or chapters long past. But honestly I would think that would get a lot of peoples favor considering it makes it so choices at the dead end of the story no longer feel pointless.

anyway keep up the good work ferdafs, just try not to overstretch yourself working with so many projects considering things.

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Sep 1, 2016
10:12 AM EDT
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