Frequent Flyer

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Frequent Flyer is a tribute to old-school shoot-em-up games with a modern twist.

You control your plane and try to survive oncoming enemy waves for as long as possible. You collect health, ammo pickups and weapon bonuses to survive longer. As time goes, new threats appear.

Fly 10 different unlockable planes, each with its own distinct features.
Different enemies, each one has its own movement / shooting pattern
More than 10 weapon bonuses, unlockable as you progress further

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WASD/Arrows to move
Space/Ctrl to shoot
Shift to dive
If you are playing on mobile: check the settings for convenient touch pattern


It isn't innovative, it isn't fresh, but it certainly is fun and that is what counts when you get right down to it. Th most fun I had was spent zooming about as fast as you can on chaotic dodging and blasting away, but the size of the map would get in the way of that and force you into a cycle of circles. My suggestion is to increase the area we have to maneuver in.

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ColdwildGames responds:


Thanks for your review. Right now I'm working on adjusting the visual effects, but I plan to get to the gameplay soon. Do you suggest that the viewport (the area you see) should be bigger, or the map itself? How much bigger do you think it should be?

EDIT: Just added 'Infinite' mode - no borders, fly around freely. Thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate it and strive to make game better.

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2.84 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2016
10:38 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional