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! Tipp: The blue challenge is meant to be the challenge of patience and valor. If you step on a moving platform and stay as close as possible to the wall, you might notice that you can't fall down. !


Check out the the desktop versions with better performance and fullscreen here ;) : http://gamejolt.com/games/bg-blu/184512


BG BLU my LD36 jam entry. It's an exploration game. I don't want to spoiler much ;), have fun!

Mouse to look around
WASD to walk
Shift to run
Space to jump
R to restart

Art, Programming, Game Design, Sound Design, Story:
- Djamel Berkaoui

External Music (Newgrounds):
- bearskin
- LawnReality
- TsetsukenMusic
- PhatBoiJ

Ludum Dare Page:

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Considering the time frame, this is great!

As others have mentioned, the game needs a bit more polish. Between the lagging graphics (although I have not tried the desktop version) the clunky controls, and the somewhat odd graphics, I am sure you would have tweaked everything if you had more time.

I did manage to finish the game. Despite the clunky controls, which are not game breaking, the game was fairly solid. The platforming parts were difficult, but not impossible. I ended up having to "game" the mechanics to finish the blue room. By that I mean, I jumped into the air while looking down. Then, mid-flight, I sprinted forward until I was lined up with the next platform. This "cheese" method made me feel like a cheater and rendered the blue room helpless to my will.

My main criticism actually has to do with the mechanics not lining up with the aesthetics. The art style was very nice in its own unique way. The color palette and particle effects made the place feel foreign and intriguing. Even the beginning music helped add to this atmosphere. These things played in favor of the game being about exploration. However, upon entering any of the challenge rooms, a loud and intense trance music filled my ears, tearing me away from the sense of exploration that I was experiencing. Plus, the game became less about exploring and more about making finely tuned jumps across gaps. The red and blue rooms became almost a different game, which undercut any sense of an exploration game that the intro had built. The green room, however, is different. The maze did feel like exploration, but the music was still jarring, and there were no unique landmarks to help me link the paths of the maze. Had there been designs on the walls, statues, or anything to help me identify my location, the maze would have let me engage my brain while I mentally mapped the area I explored.

All in all, I give you props. It was a fun little game to play. My advice: make sure that the art, music, game play, etc. all line up and point to the same idea, in this case: exploration.

In short, take out the funky beats, add some stuff into the green room, change the red and blue rooms to be more about exploration.

Keep it up!

Satyre responds:

Hey, thanks for the great review. I agree about the mechanics and the music. The challenge rooms were supposed to be boss rooms after exploring the ways to them. I had to cut a lot to at least have something playable. But I'm quiet satified with the parcour part.

*Spoiler*: The green room has a big hint in form of the green line. It shows the direction of the stairs on the floor. Same goes for the other lines. They show the direction of the artefacts.

The game is just a proof of concept in it's current state. I will for sure build it into something bigger in the future, and all the great feedback will be considered :)

I really like experimental+exploring FPS (or FP, since it may or may not involve shooting) and this is a good one. Music is perfect. Scenery too, really enjoyed Earth in the ceiling @ the end.

However, the controls are bad. They made the blue room to be the hardest one by far. Green rooms are just mazes, (any maze can be solved by following the left OR right wall) and red had almost no risk at all (just sprint jump straight over the flames when they are a X).

Considering there's a LD deadline, and that the controls are not really game breaking, but still affect negatively our experience - even making so that people gave up completing the game), I think 4/5 is fair.

Satyre responds:

Thank you for your feedback and rating. I agree with the controls. Have to check them when I have free more time. I guess the standard unity FPS movement is not very comfortable and needs to be adjusted.

This is a nice game, however, my feedback is the following:

I couldn't finish the game because When I reached the blue level, I had to jump all over the place, with controls like these, it was impossible. Also, it is hard to press a key to run, it would be better if you could toggle it if you want and in case you don't want to toggle it, then have another key for run and stop after you press it. I mean, the platform level is impossible if you have to keep pressing a key to run. I haven't tried the desktop version but I gues I will.

Overall, good game that if you had time to polish, would have been great.

Satyre responds:

Thanks for your review. I see what you mean. The blue challange is meant to be the challenge of patience and valor. If you step on a moving platform and stay as close as possible to the wall, you might notice that you can't fall down. So you can take your time to jump from platform to platform. Let's give it another try :) I'll take your feedback and update the game asap.

I can see the direction you were taking, but... it's kind of nauseating. Also, why do I jump like the Trix rabbit on cocaine?

Satyre responds:

Because the planets gravity is not as "high" as the rabbit ;D. But honestly because I hadn't have the time to polish the controls and wanted to finish the game first, before investing too much time for the controls and the other parts wouldn't be finished.

It seems like a really good game but the framerate (at least on my computer) makes it virtually unplayable as there is simply too much graphics lag. If it wasn't for that I'm sure it would be a pretty decent puzzle game, but I am just unable to play it. The difficulty in regaining mouse control also doesn't help as I have to tap the Esc key multiple times to actually control my mouse again. Again, I'd love to play but the framerate really lets it down.

Satyre responds:

Thanks for the feedback. Check out the link I provided in the description, there are the downloads for the desktop version. It should run better and the mouse is fixed on the screen. On Firefox I didn't had the problem with the mouse, but on Safari and I also couldn't manage to polish up the performance due to the remaining jam time. :)

Credits & Info

3.16 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2016
9:27 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other