ALBI: The First Great AI Computer (Ludum Dare)

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"ALBI: The First Great AI Computer" is an html/javascript game with ascii art and word puzzles. Made in less than 48 hours for the Ludum Dare competition. The game is not %100 complete at the moment but will be expanded upon after the Ludum Dare 36 competition. However, it is still fully playable and there is an ending if you can find it.

(update: Thanks for feedback. I cleaned the game up a bit. keeping with the spirit of the Ludum Dare, I did not add new features or anything:
-fixed the Chrome text issue
-made the whole screen black and green to make it easier on the eyes.
- Added a mute button for sound
- Took the ending text out of an alert box to remove an unnecessary popup.
- The Clicky spots are much larger now

Link to the Ludum Dare entry page: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-36/?action=preview&uid=112506

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I will NOT be playing this to get the other ending :)

I don't like the interface. The text should have been bold to make it easier for us to read the text. Other than anagram and limited exploration, there was not much to do in this lab.

I don't mind the sound effect.

Wait.. When he runs out of Words game over?

Some dialogs run out of the screen, and I have to go to the html code via F12 so I could read them. Fix it, because in two times this hide vital info (like the word to decipher the Pages). I run the game in Google Chrome (I don't know if this is helpfull).

Now, about the game. The grafics are weird, in the sense that it's nothing to what we are used to, but I must confess that I like them and the idea, although sometimes it's a pain to figured out which symbol you can interact, and symbol are just decoration.

The dialogs are nice, although the story (the super IA that destroy all the mankind) it's nothing new. I was expecting some little twist in the plot, but nope.

Overall, not a bad game, I actually like it, but I cannot say that it's a great game.

(P.D.: English is not my mother tongue. Sorry for the mistakes).

It was an interesting concept. I liked the retro look of the game as well. The puzzles weren't ridiculously difficult to decipher, which I was thankful for. Overall, I enjoyed it. I'd like to see more like this with more things to find and a more in-depth story. Good work!

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2.60 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2016
3:08 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click