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Resident Evil Ebola

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Patreon (: Support the cause ! https://www.patreon.com/MetaMike

UPDATE - Thank you to NG for the Daily Front Page ! Also to everyone that actually contributed to this game ! Couldn't have been done without all of you !

Series Synopsis - What starts out to be a series of bizarre murder cases, soon shapes out to be an overwhelming web of mysteries surrounding the emergence of a new zombie outbreak. Survive the encounters with genetically modified zombies and B.O.W's, Investigate the mysteries of the mansion. And stay alive any way possible.

Being a huge fan of Resident Evil this game has always been something I've wanted to accomplish and what better way then to build it around Metal Slug as the zombies and environments that appear in the various popular MS titles perfectly fit my needs for this project.

P.S Lets face it, the Jackets the Metal Slug characters wear resemble S.T.A.R.S members jackets so why not

- Also due to my lack of knowledge when I first began this project (Late 2014) their are many things I left out that could've been helpful and better in result (SharedObject, Faster Frame Rate, Linking Items etc.) but in future installments these are things I'll definitely incorporate.

-Game Save-

Save your progress at the typewriters that show up in the game, if you die you will respawn at your last save !


Interact with the Merchant to purchase weapon upgrades !


Arrow Keys - Move around

S - Fire Primary Weapon

D - Fire Secondary Weapon

A - Survival Knife

W - Fire Upwards with Handgun (Doesn't consume ammo)

F - First Aid Spray

ENTER - Open Doors / Interact with Environment

SPACE - Open Inventory


Faster Rate of Fire (Handgun) - Hold S to fire rapidly

Samurai Sword - A to use (replaces Survival Knife)

Explosive Rounds (Handgun) - Tap S to fire then S again to detonate bullet (replaces normal bullets)

Grenades - G

My Official Speedrun / All Medal Tutorial - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uax6VAW6egY&feature=youtube

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Tried to play the game, so far did well, sadly found a bug that ruined the game... In the main hallway of the mansion, I went fully right and the character glitched out of the map and I couldn't get out nor interact with anything, so... RIP my game, and I can't stand the cutscenes again.

Great job! I would like it better though if you used original sprites.

yeah i got stuck after i put in the wrong password so yeah

Love it, but it would of been nice if we can also play as the female in the group.

MetaMike responds:

Heey believe it or not part 2 is actually supposed to be centered around her but I’ve been lagging on finishing it sadly :/