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Talia the Renegade

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Talia is a young renegade who, leads the youth expressionist team , and is constantly hunted by the fed's "Bleachers" who'd rather her Expressionist values be cleaned. she stands for freedom of expressions.

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I feel like it could have more story. If I didn't see this on Newgrounds, I would have no idea who she is or why she fought those people. Maybe put in a intro sequence of her noticing a "bleacher" and the "bleacher" noticing her, leading into the chase sequence.
Also, Talia needs some tweaking, maybe put something on her shirt to tell the audience that she is an expressionist. You have the right idea with her clothing and attitude. She wears unusual clothing, and at the end, she slips on the headphones (classic rebel stereotype).
You also need to work on your timing, the whole animation seemed too fast.
Other than that, it's pretty good. I wonder how you will improve in the future.