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Stones And Bones

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Author Comments

Stones and Bones make break my schticks but words can be rearranged.

Play with Chrome for the best experience

Defend yourself against the ancient threats at your desert forge
What technology is more ancient than fire and smashing stuff together?


Move with WASD Jump with space or w
Strike with J
Stab with K
Throw with L
Pickup with E

Also has Gamepad support- switches automatically when you press a button - mapped for xbox 360

All of the controls are shown in the game

Beating the game lets you play it in HARD MODE
the only difference is that you can't regenerate health
which happens at the beginning of each wave

could play sorta puzzly if your trying to figure out how to beat the game so skip past the lines if you don't want to know just yet


Smash rocks together to sharpen them
Attach bones to rocks to make spears
Smash metal and melt it into an ingot
Attach bones to ingots to make a hammer
Forge a sword by hitting the molten ingot with the bone hammer


you can play the raw game here

Ludum Dare page here:

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Hehey, and interesting little game you have over here. It's like a weird combination between a side-scrolling combat game with a bit of minecraft thrown in. It does seem that it doesn't work on all browsers though. At least it doesn't work on Internet exporer, and I had no indication what was the problem so it took me some time to figure out that I had to change the browser in order for it to work. The game also fits the theme as you start from nothing but rocks and bones and you go all the way to making the first sword, the most basic ancient weapon. Still the laser enemies I feel did not really fit in here. But all in all the game goes on rather smoothly and intuitively, so I will give it a decent rating. I have featured as the third game in my ludum dare let's play video: https://youtu.be/UP29iaz8pTs . Good luck and make even better games.

Niborious7 responds:

Awesome, I just watched your video. Its really helpful to see someone play through the game without knowing what to do. I've looked into the internet explorer problems and it turns out that the sound was causing the game to crash. I have fixed this for now as well as stopped it from antialiasing (which made all the images fuzzy) but sound just doesn't play at all on internet explorer now because it doesn't support wav files. In the meantime, I have suggested people use chrome in the description.
Thanks for the review and the video

The mechanics are great; it's kinda like Minecraft, only I don't have to browse a wiki for 35 minutes to find what to do; it all comes naturally through experimentation. Also, was that final boss suposed to be Herobrine?

Not too bad, I like the side scroll survival and smithing tactics. But when you make a sword it is nearly impossible to survive, You should fix this a bit...

Niborious7 responds:

Thanks for your input, I have made the wave after the sword a little easier now, and I changed the AI of the final boss.

You screwed up and bound smithing to the same key as striking. So even when you're at that strange structure at the start and center of the map which I assume is some kid of forge, J does nothing but striking.

This is absolutely a zero and I can't believe you'd submit this game with such a ridiculous bug.

Niborious7 responds:

J does both striking and Smithing. You have to hit stuff together to make new weapons. At the beginning you have to hit the rocks together to sharpen them, and then pick up the sharpened rock.

I think what the issue here is that I changed the game so that the new round doesn't start until you pick up the next weapon, so if you don't know to pick up a sharpened rock, nothing ever happens. I suppose I need to have a better way to introduce the player to the mechanics of the game.

To those who found this review helpful. The game does in fact work, and this is not a bug. It just doesn't have any tutorial elements, and you have to figure out what to do.