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A game about being a newly hired wizard, whose job is to choose 4 out of 10 possible spells to publish to the world, either preserving it or destroying it with the spells you choose.
This game is still in beta, so feel free to comment any suggestions for the game as well as any spell ideas, which might be added to the final game!

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-27% crime, 72% happiness, -12% povity and 35% security and I'm fired?! Unacceptable~

Great idea, and really fun. The statistics at the end exist to help the player make the correct decisions if they choose to be in the character of the wizard. I encourage you, creator, to continue working on the game.

I liked the idea, its pretty cool. Just needs more work and it will be great!

The concept is very interesting, the simplicity of the artstyle fits well, and I didn't find any major glitches. A couple of problems, though. 1. Why should I care about the crime rates, happiness, or poverty? And 2. Why can't I see all of the spells at once and pick after actually seeing every spell.
Please develop more and bring out a full release. This game has potential to be something. Maybe different endings depending on which stats you change?