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Gwain Saga - Chapter 002

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I love the homestuck-esque jumping from platform to platform during the run scene from the wolves. Altogether great animation I'd love to see more of this!

Watched you're work through and through you're really progressing and you got the characters reactions and emotes PERFECT. Way to really make a flash feel like a Profession TV show

Love your work! :D

Como siempre,eres genial en lo que haces!!!.

It's not a high budget animation, but you made the smoothest you could with what you had, this animation, along with the story, is just amazing, it's quite a good style you made up here. Wish it was a game, but really, it works as is.
The blonde girl, Gwain I think, has amazing poses and expressions that really flesh out the character. I think you could use some back and forth between sprite animations and character animations in the fights, since some expressive close ups during the fight would fit Gwain's character better, but that's just a personal opinion of mine, can't let it damage the rating.
Great work on the backgrounds and colours, really. Even though most tracks aren't yours, you made them fit as if they were. Great attention to detail, and great length to the short.

Really looking forward to the next one.