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The Blind World

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Author Comments

In this dystopian action platformer, deaths affect both story and gameplay. As the player dies, the main character transforms from frail human to powerful monster with unpredictable gameplay and narrative consequences.

Explore the desolate, hellish wreckage that is the Blind World. Fight off hordes of broken robots, monstrous creatures, and desperate humans. Save your sister. Or not.

Three transformations. Three endings.

Arrows keys to control
Z to jump, advance dialog
X to attack, read faster

Buy the soundtrack, with two exclusive tracks, here: http://wefightbears1.bandcamp.com/


1. Fixed momentum issue (no more sticking to walls)
2. Jumping is much easier (character stops midair if you jumped and are no longer holding left or right)
3. Swordmen no longer trap you against walls (now they bounce back after hitting you)
4. Made the Teleporting Spike Monsters easier (now they only put out their spikes after teleporting, not before)

1. Fixed wall climbing bug
2. Fixed downward air attack bug (now the attack animation shows until you hit the ground)
3. Lowered difficulty on first two boss fights (the charge attack now has a collision box twenty pixels smaller, making it easier to jump over)
4. Fixed tutorial dialogue bug

BUGS: on the unlikely chance you find a game-breaking bug, pause the game, go to the main menu and reload. That will restart the level, likely solving the problem.

SAVING: the game autosaves at the end of each level, when the screen transitions.

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DAAAAAAAAANG that final boss battle is hard! But still great job. I like how the more you die, the more the serum starts to... take over??? Amazing job HershallCook! Just as good as Ridiculous Text adventures! Again, great job!

HershallCook responds:

Thanks for the review! I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

Story is okay, controls are garbage, and if you die too many times you get sent too far into the game. Game itself is very laggy

What the hell kinda final boss was that? I'm not really gonna put this against the dude, since he's obviously a writer and not a game designer, but this game was terrible. The art was eye rending, and while i can forgive that kinda thing seeing as it's a game made by one dude, I can't forgive how horrendous the game play was. It was a chore just to bring myself to finish this game to review it, and while I might just sound like some asshole on the internet, I'm just being honest. Normally I'd say a game like this was "nintendo hard" but this is just straight unforgiving. It's damn near impossible to get the best ending. period. The writing and characters were good, but the "replay value" that should have been put into the game via multiple endings was nowhere to be seen. Replaying this game is something i'd never do in my life lest I was gonna joke about it with my friends. When you go die enough and go beast mode, any and all difficulty is removed from the game, save for the final boss, who happens to become harder do to your strength. you're way larger, so the projectiles are undodgeable unless you're freaking daigo. The funnest part of this game was short jumping with jump attacks, and that really says something about it. I've already said something about the art, but the ANIMATIONS to said art were even worse than the art itself. I'm going to restate that you're a writer, not an artist, but still. The art which is usually something I can forgive further ruins the story for me. The story is the game's ONLY redeeming factor, and it doesn't even redeem it that much. And whoopdee doo, an autosave system. this game can be beaten to the point of the final boss in 15 minutes. you don't even need a save system. not like it matters, because you're gonna have to restart the game if you want the good ending, because you're going to turn into a monster eventually. The multiple endings system just takes away from the game. It's virtually impossible without becoming a cheap ganon ripoff. The story being the only redeeming factor to a vidya game only takes points away from the score. Plot helps make vidya games more immersing and playable, but when actually being able to see the only good part of the game is harder than the game's final boss (whom I can't bitch *PUN* about enough) you know you need to rethink it. This would have been WAY WAY WAY^18 bette if it were in visual novel format or something. It's like you made it a game as an afterthought. On the point of the good ending, THREE HIT POINTS!? Those three hit points when you do a microliter of damage is less forgiving than contra's famous one HP. If this game was some kind of experiment you did with stencyl I'd forgive it, but the time in my life I wasted like some kind of sadomasochist I'll never get back. While i'm not angry, I'm really just kind of disappointed. This game crosses the line into horrible, then recrosses it into the funny kind of horrible and then re re crosses it to the horribility event horizon. There's only so far you can go, and while I commend your effort, that's really all I can commend. 0/10

nice game, old style platform diffyculty, 2 bugs imho:

1)if you die too many times too soon you get teleported to last part of the story instead of continuing from where you were (tried dieing over and over to see how many times you metamorph and in what).

2) during the last boss fight if you jump over its head and move forward you fall out of boundaries. Game doesn't count it as death yet you can't do anything else but look indefinetly at the boss attacking or restart the game.


The words at the end of each ending indicate that we should have tried something different. Even after all three different endings, we're told that we messed up somehow. The best ending still leaves us with, "hey, become stronger and kill Axis", but in order to do that, we become a monster. Not having a good ending after all that work is unfortunate.