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BAD WORDS 5 Points

You said something bad in front of Jesus!

ENVY 5 Points

Be happy with what you already have!


God hates fat people!

HAZARD 5 Points

It's illegal in some countries!

CURSING 10 Points

Watch your mouth!

DANCING 10 Points

Don't move your body sinfully!

GREED 10 Points

Be happy with what you already have!

LIE 10 Points

Always say the truth... and only the truth!

PRIDE 10 Points

Don't you ever feel good about yourself!

SLOTH 10 Points

Go outside!

TREASON 10 Points

Stay loyal to your boss.

WRATH 10 Points

Calm down!

Bad Touch 25 Points

Don't touch anyone that way!

DRUGS 25 Points

Don't do drugs, kids!

FRAUD 25 Points

This is fraudulent...

LUST 25 Points

Keep in check your animal side!

MURDER 25 Points

Why would you do that?

THEFT 25 Points

You don't need that candybar!

Bad Pictures 50 Points

In the name of god... remove your eyes!

GAY 50 Points

You were born a certain way - act like it!


You are not free to say what you want.

ATHEISM 100 Points

You have to believe in god.

Author Comments

Get your sins forgiven! Walk a lot of steps in the purgatory.
Use arrow keys, spacebar and enter to control.

Microphone use is OPTIONAL but strongly advised for good experience. This option requires speech recognition support.

This is highly updated version of my project that allows people without chrome/mic play this.

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this is wweird a freaky too freaky for me

No cóż...
Jestem katolikiem i jestem świadom, że jesteś ateistą (lub szatanistą biorąc pod uwage, że narysowałeś odwrócony krzyż na dynii) i że ta gra ma być kpina z mojej wiary (no bo serio, "DANCING" wśród grzechów; jeśli chciałeś iść tą droga to mogłeś od razu napisać "HEAVY METAL" lub od razu "POKEMON").
Odsuwając sprawy religii na bok, gra ma całkiem fajny psychodeliczny klimat. Szkoda tylko że sie szybko nudzi.
Mimo tej bluźnierczej gry, ciągle cię lubie, Gurgie i twoje poczucie humoru.

I said fuck you, now what?

Are we supposed to say "Forgive Me Jesus" in microphone mode to make his eyes light up? Because that literally doesn't work. Then again at the start when you can experiment with words, no matter how I say or pronounce "Forgive" it never registers as "Forgive". It's always registering like "Forged" or "Forget" or "Forked" or retarded stuff like that.

As for the medals, it's possible to get them in non-microphone mode, albeit with retarded amount of extra steps added.

Pretty sure you *must* use microphone to get Bad Words medal though. (Try the words in the title screen first until you get one that actually registers as what you say. It does no good if the game doesn't register it as what you actually said. You'll know if the word is replaced with asterisks that you've hit one that'll work in-game) Then say "Start" to start the game, pick a "sin", and try it out.

Also Atheist in non-microphone mode is simply ridiculous.

This is clearly satire, one of the sins is being gay, even though priests regularly rape little boys all the time.