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Yo, what’s good? Quick introduction about myself, my name is xHamster blogger, and I am lit! What I am about to do is introduce you to xHamster comedy show. This YouTuber is going to target and track down all the pranks and jokes on the web. We are all about the latest trends and bringing you the freshest material!
#shopping #selfiesticks and gossip. Holla!

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The animation was good.
But the jokes honestly didn't work for me.
Like you're trying a bit too hard to be funny or something.

Also xHamster?
I'm not sure what you're what you're doing with that name.
Are you like an offshoot of the actual xHamster site or something?
Or are you just using their name?

Good animation

xhamster? Bro that's a porn site...
Besides I don't get it. It's a nice animation but I don't get the joke. Or I get it but it's not funny.

i dont get it.... i mean the animation was good your art is good but it just wasn't funny. i think you where trying to make fun of stuff. but it just wasnt funny, sorry.

While I do respect the craftsmanship that is required to make this video, I am however baffled by it's origins: are you representing a new (potential or actual?) branch/medium of xHamster as a fanboy, or as a representative, with actual ties to the "adult" site?