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Vinnie's Tomb: Chapter One - The Road to Vinnie's Tomb (for lack of a better title)

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Blinded 5 Points

Vinnie basked in the glow.

Drowned 5 Points

Vinnie went for a swim.

Tripped 5 Points

Vinnie stared into the abyss.

Zapped 5 Points

Vinnie appreciated nature.

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

Are you ready for an incredible action game with stunning graphics and sound? How about spectacular 3D animation that puts "Duke Nukem 3D" and "Descnet" to shame? With Vinnie's Tomb, you'll experience first hand, the game you were not looking for. Vinnie's Tomb pales in comparison to "Duke Nukem" and many other favorite popular games! We hope however, you'll find a fun filled adventure that will amuse you for at least two minutes.

In the game, you take on the role of Vinnie the pierrot. You are on a journey to find the forbidden treasure of Ernie York. It is allegedly buried in your Great Great Great Great Not So Great Grandfather's Electronic store. Long ago the store was converted into a tomb. Your Great Great Great Great Not So Great Grandfather was also named Vinnie. This is just one of the trivialities of the wonderfully splendid game we call "Vinnie's Tomb PART ONE (The Road to Vinnie's Tomb)". As you can see Reldni Productions lacks imagination when it comes to software titles. You'll probably have to read this introduction several times to make any sense of it.

A long time ago, or perhaps not, you learn that multimillionaire Ernie York kept a large sum of valuable electronic surveillance equipment and cryogenic hardware at a Electronic store.

This happened to be the same Electronic store where your Great Great Great Great Not So Great Grandfather worked at. Fifty-nine years ago the store was transformed into a tomb. No one really remembers why.

Recently you received an anonymous phone call from an anonymous caller. The caller told you that your Great Great Great Great Not So Great Grandfather Vinnie was entombed by the local SZC (Sinister Zebra committee). Being a gullible idiot, you believed the caller.

Everyone in the world knows about the legend of Vinnie's tomb, except for the people who don't know about it. Now you must find the utter horrible truth! You'll meet bizarrely sketched creatures and pick up desirable objects during your quest to find Vinnie's Tomb. It's a lot of fun, we hope.

Created by Troy Scott (In Memoriam)
circa 1997
Ported to web by mike

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I played this like 20 something years ago on our first computer. How the heck did I find it now?

I can't put my finger on it...is it the Web 5.0? Is it the feeling of playing an old Windows 95 game that Microsoft put on your computer?

Either way, there's something that pulls me in to this.

Intentional or not this game has a creepy old feel to it. The music is bizarre and unnerving at times. Strange use of the word Queer as if the game was made in the 70's or 80's. I enjoyed the breaking of the 3ed wall to talk about how the person who made the game could not draw lol. Over all a vary bizarre and unnerving game.

it seems that there are bug so that it is long before appearing message after attempting a trick

web 5.0 inspirational