10 Seconds

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First Level Complete 5 Points

Complete the first level

10 Levels Completed 10 Points

Complete the first 10 levels

15 Levels Completed 25 Points

Complete the first 15 levels

20 Levels Completed 50 Points

Complete the first 20 levels

Completionist 100 Points

Complete all levels

Author Comments

Beat 24 levels in 10 seconds.

Arrows to move.
M to mute.
ESC pause/options

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Fun little concept,
Doesn't overstay it's welcome,
Teaches mechanics well,

Weird hitboxes,
Character's middle point is not centered, so turning on the edge of platforms can drop you,
The level with the canons and green moving platforms near the end's fireballs timing is random per death,
Doesn't show total deaths at the end

Overall, a decent project for learning how to make games.

Funky hitboxes, not enjoyable to play. Controls don't feel smoth, which is always a downside.

Take a game like Super Meat Boy, for instance: controls are responsive, fluid, they feel great to play! Hitboxes are clear, and at no moment in time (at least throughout MY playthrough) I felt that a death was unfair... this game is the polar opposite of that.

theres one level where you cant respawn so you have to start all over if you die

I mean, it's not too bad. What's up with me randomly dying tho?

Definitely far from the greatest platformer of its type on this site. The physics just feel...off, especially on the moving platforms. If you try to jump on a moving platform while it's descending, you'll be stuck falling as though you were still in the air and won't be able to jump off of it until it starts rising again. Most of the levels in this game are a bit uninspired, and I ran through most of them in one or two tries until the very end. The graphics also don't blend together very well - pixel characters in non-pixel environments don't look good, and the music gets incredibly annoying. In fact, I'm getting very annoyed just listening to it right now!

There's also a serious difficulty imbalance - most of the levels can be easily beaten in a few tries, but there's a level near the end with a bunch of cannons and three moving platforms. This emphasizes the odd physics - the timing is very difficult to get down mostly because the bugged physics don't let you jump the way almost any other platformer would. One of the platforms actually takes you too high, and you'll get stuck inside it as a result. You can get out of it by jumping, but that leaves you unable to jump again until the platform starts rising again...which is too late to attempt the jump.

Another thing that should be noted - I guess it should be expected, but this game is very, very short. I was able to defeat it in less than 10 minutes, even with the glitched physics giving me trouble. Even for a game that has a 10-second time limit on every level, that's not a lot of gameplay. Honestly, there isn't much that was done right here.

Credits & Info

3.28 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2016
4:42 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop