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Aug 23, 2016 | 1:06 PM EDT

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You are one day old. You have no memory of the past. You have no foresight of the future. The gods made you to do their bidding. They require sacrifice

You control a Wraith sent to the idyllic land who must learn the rules of the world on his own. Powerless to affect the material realm, you must find arcane words to command and grow your minions, gather various objects and discover their use. The Krewski god demands sacrifice - but of what kind? And how will you appease them?


GATHER is an Design Experiment, a small free game focusing on just a few core mechanics and polishing them. My goal is to test my ideas, get feedback and learn what gamers like or don't.

From the testing I’ve done, I already know it’s not as good as I hoped. I wanted to evoke genuine sense of wonder to explore and learn the rules, but instead ended up frustrating and confusing the player.

Well, good lesson learned from the experiment!

Hope you enjoy nonetheless :)



Rated 1 / 5 stars

Good graphics, but the control mechanics were sloppy and lost my interest quickly.

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

good idea, but doing anything is a hassle and the controls were a bit messed up. need a little bit of direction


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

definitely a good start. it took me 15 minutes to understand what i was doing


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

It's exactly as you write in the description – it could be good, but so far it's somewhat confusing. What I understand from the couple of minutes I played this, you use arcane words (or just their combination, perhaps) to order minions to gather (and combine?) stuff and carry it to the gods altars to make vines grow on them to cause a flash of light which does… I don't know.
Basically the only thing I learned to do on purpose and not by accident is to make minions drop their apples.
That was my trail of thought when playing the game.

Hunger for exploration works much better if you have a set of basic, clear rules which can then be used to create more complicated things. You should be able to see an immediate effect of things you do, not randomly mash buttons in hope it'll do something.

For example, you could have abilities like this:
(Let's start on blank grass with just altars, minions, bees and environment)
– "Green" rune:
Grow a flower underneath yourself. If a bee sees it, it flies to it, pollinates it and turns it to an apple (or whatever). If a minion sees an apple, he picks it up and starts roaming around.
Or if you already stand on a flower, it could grow into a tree (→ wood logs).
– "Red" rune:
Plants a totem underneath yourself. All minions in its vicinity will go to it (totem would then disappear and they'd continue roaming). Like that, you could lead "apple-carrying minions" to "apple altar" with a series of totems. Something happens (e.g. icon appears Apples: 1 – and you can use them later to create something).
You are bound to need rocks at some point. How to get them? Since you are an ethereal ghost, you could fly in the middle of a large rock and plant a totem there. Minions would of course go to it, but with the rock in their way, they'd mine through – gathering rocks in the process.

And more and more uses you could devise with "clever use" of four basic commands.
While writing this, I figured out how to get minions to follow you using Z+C, but you if miss the info sign, you have a hard time figuring it out by mashing buttons, because there's not much of a difference between "minions aimlessly wandering" and "minions aimlessly wandering towards you" except for their thinking bubbles which do provide some help at least. And that's likely to be a key command.
In the way I suggested above, you wouldn't need to wonder "what the hell does this do?" that much because a flower/totem/… would always appear (using one button, not two), you would just need to think how to use them – in a basic way which would be clear and easy to find out, or in more complicated way which would need some thinking and "exploration".

Just a suggestion. :)
I know you want the ghost to be "powerless to affect the material realm", but in the end, that is likely the frustrating part which also summarises my feelings about this game. Good luck if you decide to build up on this idea.

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Koobazaur responds:

Thanks for the detailed feedback all good notes! Yes non-verbal communication was a deliberate limitation I imposed on myself, and you bring up some good points on how this could have worked with totems to gather.

I dig the idea of planting and growing apple trees. In this case I wanted to focus more on interaction/exploration of the world rather than god-like world-building though. Still, cool ideas to expand the series if I return to it :)