Color Tease

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Left and right arrow keys - left to move left circle and right to move right circle. OR fingers if playing on mobile

This game is about doing two things at the same time. It's a challenging skill game that requires ur full attention and quick thinking. Ur goal is to match the colors of the falling orbs (two at a time) with the color ring at the bottom of the playing area. If u match right, u get ur points and move on in the game.

This game will involve some panic clicking to get the colors in their right places. It's a great game for a quick break and to challenge urself when ur bored.

Think fast, change the colors faster.

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Why is it the turn vectors of the circles are a bit off? As in they don't turn perfectly like they should?

good "mobile" game ;)

Tips for players : use both hand... if you use only one hand you will be trying to reverse the position of one when you have moved it too much but you will just move the other circle :$

Its an interesting game, it looks pretty clean, and the sound effects are nice.
I have noticed a bug that if I spam one of the arrow keys (or clicking), the image of the circle gets misaligned, so you can't tell which color it is on anymore. You should definitely try to fix this as soon as possible.
Design-wise, I don't really like how the light pink and dark pink look so similar because it is very easy to confuse them especially when you first pick up the game, but I suppose it wasn't that bad once I got the hang of it.
Since I am using the keyboard, I would really like it if I could press down to make the wave come down instantly so I don't have to wait. And I would like if I could press a key to restart since you have to click on the screen

It's REALLY addictive and it messes with your brain a bit, but that's about it. Add some chill music and it'd make a nice mobile game.

It's nicely made game but there's not much fun in it.
Combination of silence and "droplets" sound makes me feel really... brainless. Like no other game. Am I in the cave observing droplets falling from the ceiling?

Like I've said it was nicely made but you have to keep in mind that audio adds to the experience too. It can change how do we feel while playing it or maaaybe even improve a bit how eager we are to keep playing it.

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3.28 / 5.00

Aug 22, 2016
9:03 PM EDT
Skill - Other
  • Daily 5th Place August 24, 2016