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Use arrow keys to move around.
Press Q to reveal square. If it's a mine, it's game over.
If no mine is revealed, a digit is instead displayed in the square, indicating how many adjacent squares contain mines; if no mines are adjacent, the square becomes blank, and all adjacent squares will be recursively revealed.
Press W to set flag (or remove).
You need to flag all the mines correctly to win.
Press 1, 2 or 3 to start a new game (with increasing difficulty).

The game was released last year in cartridge format for the 1981 TI-99/4A Home Computer.

Have fun. ;-)

Development thread:


Well it has nice aesthetics, and I know coding isn't easy. And don't listen to Grayghost. He is an infamous troll here on Newground

sometimes99er responds:

Thanks. Yeah, you must learn to crawl before you can walk ...


Needs to indicate a win somehow, unless I'm missing something. Other than that, I hope you had fun coding it but didn't spend too long on it.

sometimes99er responds:

It does say "Game over" or "You won". You need to flag all the mines correctly.


This is just Minesweeper. An old bleepy version of minesweeper at that. There is no original work here. Simply a port. You can't just claim another project as your own just because it's a different medium.

sometimes99er responds:

Yes and no. :-)

Yes, it's just Minesweeper.

Yes, old bleepy at that. It is trying to emulate the 1981 TI-99/4A Home Computer environment. I did a version for the TI too.

Yes, it may look as if there's hardly any original work here. Code is all mine for sure. Minesweeper and tons of other games are still made and remade over and over - and also for old computers like the Commodore 64.

What we "mostly" see come out everyday could be considered remakes, ripoffs, "heavily inspired by", mash-ups, and some, as you put it, are ports.

Yes, technically I do claim this as my own project. From early on there's been clones of Space Invaders and Pac-Man, and we still see them coming. Arkanoid can be considered a clone of Breakout. Many of the games released here are clones - like all the Escape games.

French Court finds that Luc Besson's Lockout copied Escape From New York. And yet it contains tons of what I see as original work. But yes, overall plot may look similar.

How could you make a FPS if one has already been done. Also remember that early home computers did not have that much memory, in fact the TI only has 256 bytes of RAM.

I would say that this project is fair use and fan tribute. I do not claim to have invented the wheel or anything. And I do get it, - there's nothing new here. The TI has many Minesweeper versions, and I tried to do one that were perhaps more playable than the others. And it was fun doing it.


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Aug 22, 2016
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