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Ghostbusters the Musical

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If you haven't seen the new Ghostbusters movie and don't want plot points spoiled for you, turn away now.


(Chorus / Chris Hemsworth & Ghosts)
They’re not feminists,
But the movie they rebooted made the true fans pissed.
The studio claims haters are sexist,
Ghosts exist.

(Verse 1 / Chris Hemsworth)
Two co-authors writing all about ghosts,
Got more hatred than Anita Sarkeesian’s posts.
Holtzmann joined up to investigate,
Then Patty dropped in as they sealed their fate

(Pre-Chorus / Chris Hemsworth & Ghosts)
Hunting ghosts and evil monsters,
They even caught one at a big ass concert.


(Verse 2 / Slimer)
Bill Murray don’t believe this show,
Til a ghost threw his ass out of the window.
A portal was created freeing all the ghosts,
So Rowan and his crew turned New York to toast.

(Pre-Chorus / Chris Hemsworth & Ghosts)
Ecto-1's nuclear intentions,
Sent the ghosts packin’ back to their dimension

(Guitar Solo)


(Repeat Chorus)


A commission I did for lhugueny!

Subscribe to his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiha1h9wDB6MBXQKtttqHUg

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Great song and animation. HORRIBLE movie, the original Ghost Busters was good, but I can tell this WAS made by the feminists. ALL ghostbusters are now GIRLS?! WTF?!?!

Sketchead responds:

Are you an automatically generated review that posted two years too late

Animation is ok
The song is simply horrible. You should find an actual singer

I cant grasp like half of the lyrics... or more.
I don't know if this song was made for this animation or you just used it but they could sing clearer.

Sketchead responds:

It's a commission I made for lhugueny, so the animation was made for the song.

Lyrics are in the description if you can't make em out!

I don't think the music, is bad, it's actually quite good. Well except for the auto tune part. The animation and backgrounds are lazy, better work on those in the future.

Funny animation and music video. I like it.