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Dynamite 5 Points

Obtained dynamite

Jade 5 Points

Found Jade

Pickaxe 5 Points

Found Pickaxe

Radiation Suit 10 Points

Found Radiation Suit

Spinaxe 10 Points

Found Spinaxe

Wiseman 10 Points

Meet the Wise Man

Big Mineral Pouch 25 Points

Found Big Mineral Pouch

Crabclaw 25 Points

Obtained Crabclaw

Tossbombs 25 Points

Obtained Tossbombs

Keycard 50 Points

Purchased Keycard

Medicine Jar 50 Points

Obtained Medicine Jar

Moonstone 50 Points

Obtained Moonstone

Jade Cured 100 Points

Jade is Cured!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

A full-screen version of this game is currently in the works. If you would like to get involved with the dev, send me a private message. I'd like to publish to mobile devices eventually.

*NEW* press S key to SAVE
*NEW* press Spacebar for inventory menu

Please leave feedback in the comments section below!! I want to know what you think of my game. Why is this only a 3.5 star game? I want it to be 5 stars, and for that I need your feedback.

For those if you that have completed the entire quest, I'd like to hear your thoughts!

This entire game, ie concept, graphics, music, gameplay etc. was made entirely by one person...me!!

Martian Mining game. Explore the map. Use your pickaxe to break rocks and collect minerals. Trade your minerals at the shop and upgrade your weapons. Talk to Jade in the space-pod and help her get medicine.

Controls are Up Down Left Right Arrows for movement
Z button for Weapon
X button for Explosives
SPACEBAR for pause menu


Working on Now for the next update
:full screen version
:better character development

:Newgrounds Medals!!
:Newgrounds Scoreboard!!
:better sound effects
:faster walking speed
:better spinaxe weapon
:easier-to-kill rock crabs

: Composed a beautiful score for the game
: Press "M" key to mute the music

:Save-progress feature added - Press "S" key any time to save
:Inventory system altered. Press "Z" or "X" key in the pause menu to cycle available weapons
:Self-Destruct feature added - In case stuck in a bug, press "K" key to kill player
:A few gameplay bug fixes

Talk to people in the space pod
Get as much ginger as you can
You need to find a way to carry more minerals
Blue crabs dislike tossbombs
Purple rocks have Mn

It is about a 45 min game on average!

Thanks to K G Yonewoone for the awesome playthrough video https://youtu.be/g8enun3obHE

MarsQuest is currently privately developed.
If you would like to get involved with the development of MarsQuest, send me a private message. I'd like to expand on the game and publish to iOs.

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The Legend of Zelda meets Minecraft.

Liked the game but didn't get past the "watch this" icon in the base....I'm stuck in an ad and i cant get out of it.

I great way to spend a lazy afternoon. It was a little slow at the start, (until I figured out how to kill the grey and red moving rocks without getting killed) but it never felt grindy. If fact it was nicely balanced, every time I started to get board I would find a new weapon or open a new area.
I wasted a lot of explosives by accidentally hitting the X- key instead of the Y-key; Consider changing the X-key to the E-key.
Also, consider moving the ore bins inside the store when I was inside shopping I kept forgetting how much of each ore I had to spend.
Do we earn something for watching ads? I assumed it would heal my health points, but I don't think it did.
It was the perfect length and difficulty for the type of game I was looking for today. But if this was just a demo, I'm looking forward to the full length game.

dacaldera responds:

Thanks Geek4!
It's been a while since a review has been written despite people playing MarsQuest every day.... so thanks for taking the time to write it out!

There is a good and rewarding feeling that comes about when you are able to solve a game without much guidance. I am glad you were able to complete it.

Great for a Demo. More bosses, elements, and quests would make this game complete. also maybe weapons / parts? a few guns, light saber, etc... armor/upgrades like health? engineering would be a fun aspect, going back the weapon parts maybe they could be incorporated into quests. for example "find the turbine fan for the greenhouse" etc
all and all it was a great game to spend an hour on. would love to see a full version. good job!

Beautiful atmosphere and music! This is a very nice game, great job!

dacaldera responds:

Thanks Domo76!