Tank Defender

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Finger, mouse OR left and right arrow keys to shoot.

Ur the last best hope for the Tank people. A race of tanks that has lived in peace for eons. This peace has finally been broken by the evil Retro aliens from the Aie-tees galaxy (one galaxy up and to the right from ur own).

It's up to u to stop these fiends from taking ur world, ur tank wife, ur tank children, from taking everything that means anything to ur armored brain. Do u have it in u to shoot them in this defense shootem-up game thingie? Well doo ya??

These aliens are insidious. They have a special defense that makes random shooting pointless. U need to use ur custom white bullets for the white aliens and even more custom black bullets for the black aliens. Fail to use the correct bullets on the aliens and they will grow stronger!

Stop this alien horde and save the tank race from annihilation.


Dear God is this hard, i car bearly catch up, damn you just have to keep spamming them buttons! Love it thought, its fun.

This was a lot more fun for me than I thought. You really do have a cool concept here. It gets a bit redundant, but I don't care. What matters is that the enemies often look different. They come in different patterns. I always like tanks.

You'd think this would be a defense game. Well, I guess it kind of was. The sound effects were really nice. It was just well put together. Please get some recognition here!

It looks good, but can you assign the left mouse key to white and the right mouse key to black?

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2.68 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2016
11:39 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed