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*Knave is an ongoing playable demo project and is a WIP for my game design portfolio. It also requires WebGL, Javascript and Cookies enabled to played. If the game does not load, try updating your browser. To report a problem please post your browser name, version and whether it can run webgl.*

In knave you wake up in a cave, quickly click on monsters to deal damage and kill them. This earns you Gold Pieces and Sin which you spend to upgrade your abilities. Abilities work like this:
Brutality: Increases auto-attack damage.
Ferocity: Increases click damage.
Cruelty: Increaes Sin generated.
Willpower: Increases auto attack speed.
Guile: Increases Gold dropped.
Attunement: (Does nothing) Will decrease buff cool downs.

After enough enemies are killed you can click to open the chests that unlock on the side menu. The last thing unlocked in this menu is a sign to the next level. Knave will save your data in cookies so come back anytime. All art assets were made by me and this game was made a a side project from 2014-2015.

How many monster deaths til next chest unlocked.
Diablo Style loot system.
buffs: increase autoattack and regular abilities.

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Meh... A little too simple.

malceore responds:

I think you have a legit point. The gameplay is overly simple. Lacking any real depth, agency or complexity. It reminds me of when I was reading this Gamsutra article: http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/134273/evaluating_game_mechanics_for_depth.php

Basically one of the devs who worked on the Rachet and Clank games says that to give depth we need to have increasingly harder tests of a player's mastery of the games mechanics. But this game only has clicking on things and takes no real skill.

So what if I added some elements of "Running Games", three lanes of traffic with oncoming monsters you have to dodge or kill. This could add agency and depth to this skeleton of an RPG.


The game is not working for me on Firefox and I just had to do a fresh install of the browser last month.

malceore responds:

Does your firefox have webgl enabled? You can check to see in about:config.

idk what kind of rating to give, it looks good but it won't play on chrome and when i try IE it loads but looks and acts glitchy as crap. =( is it supposed to be flickering colors?

malceore responds:

I recently updated to a newer version of the graphics library I use, so I hope this fixes most people's problems with playability. If graphics continue to be an issue let know your specs, browser and browser version.

Game can be pretty addictive, as I am very anxious to see my character progress. I read your backlog, and all those seem like great later additions. But the game is well played. I wouldn't add enemy animations, I would just create an additional auto attack sprite.

I love the loot system, and the way I can upgrade character abilities. Honestly the game is quite simple, but I personally think it is better that way.

What the game really lacks is music and sound effects, it would make the game way better.

More information about the game would help a lot. There's no indication about what any of the stats do, if choosing your race is just cosmetic, what "Sin" is used for or even how many creatures you need to defeat to reach the next area. Also, for an idle game there is a lot of manual effort needed to play, there isn't even a basic auto-attack for your character.
This game does look interesting, and the large variety of playable races is a huge plus. As a demo it needs to show more of the game mechanics to give players a better idea of what the game is going to be like in the future

malceore responds:

Thanks for your comment, these types of comment will help me make Knave more playable. I have made changes to the game description based on what you said and refocued my backlog. Though Knave isn't my current focus I will do my best to add in new features.

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2.26 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2016
9:26 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG