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Revenge of Queen Chrysalis (MLP)

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Queen Chrysalis has decided it is time to seek revenge against Equestria. However, the spell she plans to use can be tricky to set off.

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Overall, can say that it looks kinda neat. Asses seem possibly yoinked, but eh.
Had a lot more scenes than anticipated. Pretty sure that carapace is part of her body though xP

I will say though: Chrysalis genitals was a total let down. Not only were they porn shaped, but they were also pink...
But other than that, it was a rather neat collection. Had a lot of scenes. I was expecting like, maybe 3-5? So that was impressive. Only thing I found kinda "meh" was Chry's cunt as said. And a little that the detail quality fluctuated. But other than those two, it was really solid.

Really high-quality for your first animation, man! Actually, it's up to scratch with some pro stuff in my opinion. The only suggestion I have is to make your animation a bit more fluid, because it did seem a little stiff (It's completely understandable though, due to the fact that this is your first attempt.), and to add some sound to the game, or at the very least some music. Aaaanyways, review over, you've gained a follower in me, keep up the good work! :D

I haven't seen a good chrysalis animation in a while and this one is pretty great

My little pony are see it nowdays?

But with video, what the f***

Credits & Info

3.06 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2016
9:35 PM EDT

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