Balls on a Griddle

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This is an animation I decided to make of a nonsensical argument I had with the wife about an original expression I made up where I said " It's so hot, it's hot as Balls on a Griddle. " I figure when people see this animation, they will love the expression so much and think that it is so great that millions of people will start using it and many years later, when expression historians try to find the origin of this expression, it would be traced back to this animation and I would thereby be able to undeniably prove that I was the originator of this expression. :-)


This is hilarious.

tonyfamous responds:

Thanks. :-) I really appreciate that. :-)

Loved this and you're phrase. Im using it xD

tonyfamous responds:

Thanks. :-) and thanks for the 5 vote. If that keeps up, maybe i can get the rating all the way up to 2 stars! :-D

i'm going to use that one and confuse the shit out of my friends

tonyfamous responds:

Thanks! My goal is to prove my wife wrong. :-) I'm doing it for the benefit of all men. ;-)

I like it. It's like "cold as a witch's tit," and that's a thing that people actually say (apparently).

tonyfamous responds:

Thanks :-) and please spread it around. If my wife ever hears someone else say it, I'm sure she will crap her pants! :-D

Funny dialogue, but shitty animation.

tonyfamous responds:

Yep :-) this is a style I use when I want to pump out an animation quickly. When I really, really try, my animations skills are a little less shitty. ;-)

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Aug 16, 2016
9:28 AM EDT
Comedy - Original