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Clocks und Panzer

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Another fantastic anime series from the Tokei-Dan! (時計団)

In the world of Clocks und Panzer, Newgrounders practice the art of tank warfare, known as Senshadou (also know as Tankery, Panzerkraft, Panzerfahren, or Duel Monsters depending on the translation). Strawberry Clock, heir to the legendary Strawberry School of Senshadou has decided to give up his birthright after losing in the high school national tournament.

However, the admins of clockcrew.net force Strawberry back into a tank, hoping a victory in the Senshadou National Tournament will convince Tom not to pull the plug on their website. Will Strawberry learn to love tanks again? Will clockcrew.net survive despite being an irrelevant money drain? Will Miraclefruit and BB10 kiss? (yes in my fanfiction)

Find out in the smash hit anime, Clocks und Panzer (German for Relojes and Panzer)!

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The closing theme has some of the most poignant lyrics I have heard in a clock flash. Just sayin'.

hahahaha! this was so great on so many levels!
great tank battle between the NG-mods VS the CC's elite task force (except from bb10), and it showed us a grand battle royale, complete with explosions, gun-shots, sword-throws(by bb10) and with epic victories!
and the ending, on man, that ending, with the japanese words+the anime themed song... it was so awesome!
i liked it alot!

strawberry-clock-san is indeed the king of the portal!
have a happy clockday!

AnkhClock responds:


This made me laugh so hard! The way it was shot was perfect!

AnkhClock responds:

Thank you!

(Fansubs translate to English as: "Danke schön!")

So kawaiiiiii! ^_^
This has the look and feel of a classic clock flash. Very nice!

AnkhClock responds:

Arigatou gozaimasu!

We should go kill the ISIS

AnkhClock responds:

You can't do Senshadou unless you LARP as a WWII combatant. Who would ISIS's be?

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3.10 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2016
10:00 PM EDT