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The Lair

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Knice! 5 Points

Beat the first stage.

Good Knight 10 Points

Complete the game!

Sword Lord 10 Points

Get an 8x combo.

Aight Knight 25 Points

Rank A or better at end of game on normal or harder.

Hard Day's Knight 25 Points

Complete game on Hard.

Shield Fiend 25 Points

Get through a level without losing any health.

Knigh Perfect 50 Points

Rank S at end of game on normal or harder.

Knightmare 50 Points

Complete game on Nightmare.

A Cold Knight in Hell 100 Points

Complete game on Hell.

Author Comments

Stab, dash and charge attack your way through all three levels of this fast-paced fantasy beat’em up, and show the Dark Lord who’s boss!

Arrow keys – for moving around, Z – for stabbing things and menus, X – for blocking things that try to stab you, hold Z – for a super-charged attack, double tap direction – for dashing to safety
You can also use C+V in place of Z+X if you have a keyboard layout that makes that more convenient.
Gamepads also supported! (provided they work in your browser)

This game was created for the PICO-8, a virtual console with 32kb cartridges, 16-color display and 8-bit beep and boop audio - and this is the absolute most I managed to squeeze out of that :).

If controls stop responding, just click the game window :).

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This is a really nice game! First of all, I love pico-8 games, so this would be right up my alley. Second of all, I like the concept of this game! The fighting mechanic and the different fights are great! It's amazing you were able to do this with pico-8. 8/10 would boop again

Nice game

wow nice game here I have to say earning the medals was a bit tough but overall this fun the game controls are notbad and the mechanics are fun the sprite element of this game is fun too, anyways great game maybe theres a way to make easy to moderate medal levels but anyways this was fun.

maybe theres a way to make easy to moderate medal levels


Very fun! About the only thing I can recommend you do is perhaps add in a few more characters or other benefits for completing the game. If you have a short game with only a few levels, it's usually important to have some benefit to playing through it again, instead of just a score system. Maybe have it where you unlock something for being the game on the hardest setting, or maybe completing it with the highest rating possible? Just throwing some ideas other there.

It reminds me of the old Atari games, where you can sit down and complete them in around 10 minutes if you're good.

Pretty fun game, good job!

TAS 2.5/5

+ Cool Retro Design, Simple Controls
- Repetitive, High Difficulty on Lower Levels, Short, Cliche Enemies