Galactic Voyage

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Galactic Voyage is a retro space arcade shooter with a modern touch. Simple but addictive you'll be trying to top your high score over and over.

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Your instruction about collecting red orbs really confused me at first I was like "I don't see any red orbs... I mean... the enemies are orbs and they leave red trail maybe I got it all wrong and these aren't enemies."
Don't call these barely visible red particles thah enemies drop "orbs"... they're not orbs... You could call them particles but you should really make them bigger first.

FrankJohnson responds:

Thanks for the criticism!

Kind of fun. A few frustrations keep it from being really good.

The good: Nice 8-bit art and soundtrack. Defense/collect shooter mechanics are solid.

The OK: There are some resolution differences like the home station and the health bars that seem odd. The health works, but the station seems out of sync with the rest of the 8-bit graphics. The title has the same problem.

The frustrating: Turning left! The player has a choice to stay near the station in relative safety or go out and collect red orbs for health. That is a great choice for players to make. But then you go out and turn around coming back, effectively you stop shooting at your enemy. This is bad.

This feels like a first attempt and is a really solid try. Some balance with the health:damage and right facing only and we have a winner.

FrankJohnson responds:

Thanks for the criticism I will really keep it in mind! And for the turning left part I thought that it would be kind of a strategical thing of when to choose to go and risk getting your base hurt or staying and defending, But a lot of people have complained about it so I might just change it. Thanks again!

I like the style and the game play is fun but why would I need to turn around to the left? Do things crom from the left? If not maybe it would of been better to have left make you back up. but yah cool game :)

fun to play game

FrankJohnson responds:


I honestly thought that this was a great game... very addictive.

Though I know you were going for a simple 8-bit look/feel... may have been awesome if you added a little story to the mix... and also switch up the music.

I can't wait to see what you come up with next though :)

FrankJohnson responds:

Thanks a ton! Really means a lot! Updated it and fixed some bugs now.

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2.65 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2016
9:40 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight