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Meet The Dev is a game where your decisions is key to how you want to win. Do you want to win an easy game and get it over with? Or do you want to dive deeper into the game and listen to all the rants of the developer? Sounds boring? It probabaly is...


///Last updated 18th of August
Player choices have bigger impact
Bug fixes

Scroll using mouse wheel or the touchpad
Spacebar to skip text animation

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this is a great game, and i might've lied twice, but this is actually really well thought out and it's a unique concept too. (that means i'm willing to be a fan) ...now that i'm done with the review part, let me be a sarcastic jerk with smug jokes and stupid nonsense, newgrounds.

my first name was boobsdick60 and my second was benjaline, because it's part of my first name, and because i love taunting you and your code. also, now i really hate being a 'cool' ass in the game by being all "what challenge haha im cool this is nothing" because ...i had to cheat on the logic thing. (hey, i'm here to have a good time, BUT IM ALREADY TAKING SO MUCH OF MY TIME BY WANTING TO SIT THROUGH ALL THE DIALOGUE.) oh, and that "lol you lost" screen is now my mortal enemy and jesus fuck i hate you.

but gg.

Namlich responds:

Glad to hear you enjoyed the game ! :)

I love this game! And now... I'm a fan! Btw, at first I named myself Benjamin haha! Just testing where I would be taken if I would enter that name. I loved this game, because I didn't know what to expect, and I thought it was just a conversation. But it wasn't, I ended up playing some games and doing some maths.

i also cheated the system and named myself BallsTitsBenjamin but yah bro this is a great game and keep up the good work

I beat the system and named myself B00BS!

Namlich responds:

Dammit! ;P

Hello! I noticed that it's a bit inconvenient if you have a touch pad when trying to complete the mini game with the player as the green box and the three red boxes. I end up trying to shoot them all without using the WASD keys, since it's a bit awkward trying to do both at the same time whilst concentrating on the screen. Maybe if one were to target one red box whilst moving around to shoot it instantaneously, so that the difficult part is moving around to avoid the bullets, and make them faster to keep at the same level of difficulty. The style kind of reminds me of geektyper, like a website that you can use to make it look like you're infiltrating some sort of database XD. The dialogue is pretty funny, despite the fact that I haven't gotten as far as I would have liked (because of the above mentioned thing). It's wicked, and I hope you eventually add more content to enrich the game ^^ best of luck, my friend.

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3.52 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2016
4:56 PM EDT
Simulation - Other