Super Jetpack Lizard

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Super Jetpack Lizard - the retro 2D platform game with a jetpack equipped lizard. Use your jetpack to reach the treasure chest as quickly as possible while avoiding hazards along the way.

• ​Movement - 'A' and 'D' keys or left and right arrow keys
• ​Jetpack - 'W' key, the up arrow key or the space bar
• ​Pause: 'P' key or the escape button

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Very fun game, solidly made, good graphics and sounds, music is slightly repetitive but pleasant.

Game can be completed in about half an hour, but unlocking all the achievements took me four hours. At the beginning completing certain levels with 3 stars seemed too hard but once you start trying it is just right, challenging but not teeth grinding hard. Displaying time required to get 3 stars at start of level is one of small things that make this game good.

The hardest thing was to find the hidden sleeping lizard. MILD SPOILER BELOW:

The legendary sleeping lizard seems to be unreachable by current jet-pack technology, a mere sighting of the heavenly beast seems to be enough to receive the achievement.


I also appreciate the ability to customize how the character looks with hats. My favorite is the very first one - pirate hat.

What could be improved - a little story why the jet-pack lizard is collecting these gems and a little Victory screen or movie once all levels are completed or perhaps once all stars are collected.

TOOOO hard to get 3 level star, thats good, but not that much
you can improve the interface
and i think the gume will be more fun if the lizard do not have lifes, just one hit

But, the game still really fun and I enjoy it a lot!

A pretty fun little platformer with cute art and pretty solid programming. One little nitpick I have is the way the lizard controls on the ground; he seems to speed up the longer you hold down the key, which for this game isn't a choice I like since it leads to either a) the player not being able to move quickly right off the bat or b) the player ending up moving way too fast when they're trying to stick a tricky landing after flying from some distance away. This could be fixed by having a run key, or by just making it so that the player has the same movement speed at all times.
Sound and music would add a lot to this game. But overall it's fun enough that I played it all the way through, and with a few minor tweaks and some more level sets it could be something really great.
If you're looking for someone to help you out with music, just PM me.

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3.31 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2016
1:10 PM EDT