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Fantastic strategy in the genre Tower Defense with lots of strategic decisions. The Union series of the most devilishly addictive TD strategy defense game - welcome to Tower Defence of Might and Magic: Dungeon, Inferno and Necropolis. Now you can choose against whom you will defend with your toy soldiers. Against infinite hordes of darkness demons and devils from badlands hell, or against endless legions of skeletons and walking dead from wasteland of undead, or against unlimited dungeon creatures from abandoned caves. They decided to capture your peaceful fantasy kingdom where you a King or Queen(empress) to smite you and turn your disciples into their slaves. Fortify the frontier in frightening new lands: DUNGEONS inhabited by Dragons, Minotaur’s, and other cave creatures, BLASTED BADLANDS of the underworld, where live sneaky imps and brutal Demons, or CEMETERY WASTELANDS what is home for Skeletons, Zombies, Ghosts, Walking dead and Vampires. Get ready for an epic adventure. Choose a hero commander, expose defenses of your combat towers. Wear ancient artifacts, keep ready the powerful spells to protect the fortress from legions of mighty monsters. Link your fate with one of known heroes of might and magic 3 faction: Castle, Rampart, Tower.

• Epic tower defense battles that will hook you for hours!
• 3 different campaigns against legendary powerful Black Dragons and Minotaurs from the Dungeon, Skeletons, bloodthirsty Vampires and Wlking dead from the Necropolis, Devils and Demons from the Inferno.
• Over 42 (14 for each campaign) different enemies will rush your peaceful fantasy kingdom to smite you and turn your disciples into slaves. From Minotaurus to Dragons each with their own offensive and defensive skills! (Beware of the Black Dragons and Devils!)
• 3 unique races of defenders: brave Knights, sublime forest Griffins and pure Angels from Castle, arrogant Elves, greedy Dwarves and mighty Dragons from Rampart, disciples Magi, Gargoyles, Gremlins, animated Golems and formidable Titans from Tower.
• 42 (14 for each race) battle towers with might and magic skills will help you to stop kingdom rush.
• 8 legendary Heroes – generals for each defensive game faction: Choose your champion to lead your TD troops to victory! Each hero has unique specialties that fit different play styles! Some of them are mages with ancient knowledge, and other mighty warriors with warcraft, fighting, kimgdom rush and strategy skills.
• Powerful battle magic rush skills: Firebal, Lightning, Land Mine, Firewall, Destroy Evil, Frost Ring
• Divine blessing magic rush spells: Bless, Cure, Precision, Prayer, Haste
• Destructive curse magical spells: Slow, Earthquake, Quicksand
• Mystical summon magical skills: Summon Elementals (Water, Air, Earth, Fire)
• Tons of ancient artifacts which increase your warcraft, magic and leadership skills.
• Special units and features on every stage!
• Three difficulty modes! Are you up for a real challenge? Go with Hard mode!
• Deathmatch mode that will challenge your tactical skills to the limit.
• Amazing graphics, familiar to you on the game heroes 3 (heroes of might and magic 3)

VK: https://vk.com/homm3_tdmm
FB: https://www.facebook.com/homm3tdmm/
instagram: https://instagram.com/therobinblood/

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How do you win?
I started playing and it was great!! But all I could do is place two dude who will poke the monsters till they die, but thats it, the monsters keep coming and eventually you lose. How do you win??
I will keep playing, but for now... I'm confused, little help?
Great game play so far!

How did I miss this? It's wonderful! Totally wonderful!

Stops loading at around 90%?

TheRobinBlood responds:

Try to disable adblock

Non less than 5 stars for you, TheRobinBlood!

Wonderful, played some rounds on easy,
enjoyed the kept themes and creatures and heroes and.. everything (!) :D

Didn't manage to solve it at the first look+try ,
but for now: I'm *happy* (!) you *did* this!

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2.95 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2016
1:12 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense