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Combat Adventure

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After losing his sword/arrow, the Adventure hero takes an untraditional approach of defeating the dragons. Created as an Atari fan project.

Animated in Blender

Also used:



Check out





where I got many helpful resources for this animation

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Now THIS is interesting. I haven't seen anything quite like this. I hate to be a kiss-ass here, but god damn it's really good. I really enjoyed how creative you were with this, taking the atari theme and using it to your advantage. The only thing that bugged me was the transition of the "combat" version of the pixel transition to on-screen. It just seemed very sudden, and the premise kinda confused me, yet again, atari tends to have VERY confusing games lol, shouldn't be too surprised there. Great job! The quality. sound effects, everything is on point ;D

Wow, that was amazing. This was the best thing I saw.

This was really cool. I can say without a doubt the only reason I know about these games is thanks to James Rolfe. Very creative and great job keeping the look of everything cohesive.

Aw yeah, an Adventure movie! An excellent choice. Also pretty well animated, too. ;)

That was pretty dope, man. I can tell that took some work, and it was certainly creative.