Battle for the Galaxy

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● Use mouse and follow in-game tutorial to understand game mechanics.


● Build your base, think of smart positioning of defenders.
● Attack other bases, think of breaking through their defense.
● Enjoy cool music and outstanding graphics.


● Free to play massively multiplayer strategy game
● Leagues and Tournaments
● Stunning 3D art and visual effects
● 20+ buildings to construct and upgrade as you transform your small outpost into a mighty planetary fortress
● Recruit an army of Space Marines, Rocket Troopers, Giant Mechs, and Battle Cruisers. Each of the 8 units have unique attack abilities and multiple upgrades.
● Create Corporations with other players
● Intense battles in clan wars

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● Make sure, that JavaScript is up to date and enabled in browser.
● Try reloading the page, clearing browser cache.
● Don't change tabs, browser disconnects inactive tabs.
● Make sure that WebGL support enabled in browser.


Players with the issue “WebGL not supported” should try the following:

1.Open chrome
2.Go to chrome://flags
3.Enable “override software rendering list”

This will only work if your videocard supports WebGL.


I like this! Game so beautiful and interesting. I think is nice to spend time and relax.

Overall a pretty solid game, a blatant copy of a well known formula, but...a solid game. Art, music, interface...all good.

However your pay model is absolutely atrocious and I cannot support this type of design. I see that you are going for the Free to Play model (servers aint cheap) but the skew of balance is far too heavy in a paying players favor. As soon as a non-paying playing gets far enough into the game to understand how all the mechanics work they also realize that if they want to actually do well in the game, they will need to pay money. Regardless if they enjoy the game or not, new plays are not going to stick around and cough up money just to play on equal ground as everyone else. player rankings have almost nothing to do with player skill or time played, but a ranking of who has payed the most money. who would want to play a game like that?

You should never give players the ability to pay money for an advantage, paying to skip(cut cooldowns) is fine however, as long as it has a limit. being able to buy resources, shields, boosts to units and more powerful buildings creates a world of advantage over your non-paying players. Hell most transactions you offer are catered to be continuously bought and are unfriendly towards players who might be happy to spend just $5 - $10 on your game.

I like the game and would like to see it grow and succeed, but in its current state, I just cant support it. Please adjust your payment system, a good game is fair to all players, a good game is enjoyable by all of its players....not just by those willing to pay the most.

If you want to understand why this pay model is as bad, not just for the non-paying players but also for you, I implore you to check out the Extra Credits video's of , "why the free to play model is currently broken" or "free to play laws". it explains issue with this current model far better than I.

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AMT-Games responds:

Hi Nezul,

There is no real advantage, since you can choose a player to attack of your own technology level (using "next" button when attacking). And those players who buy something - they become a higher tier player.

You can't buy something and stay in the same group.

Besides, antimatter resource cannot be purchased, and all buildings and units available for antimatter - only obtainable the equal way for everyone.

Also, I'm being a lvl 19, can easily win a level 30 player, by just right positioning of my army.
There is a mechanics, where you achieve a lesser win in those conditions:
-destroyed main building
-dealt 50% destruction

And also, when attacking a high level, if you destroy only storage, and even loose you anyway steal all resources from that storage, which is almost my full capacity.

Hey, I tell you again, I play this game myself and I don't buy anything and I have 70% wins or so. So as our TOP 100 ranking - half of them didn't pay a dollar.

Great game! Cool graphics and effects. Lots of tournaments and loot. Great way to spend some time.

I have nothing against micro transaction-based money hungry greedy game developers but the second I realised what type of game it was I was already done

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first of all, the graphics look astonishing, and all the mechanics work. But all of that doesn't matter much because this game is so generic you'd be better of playing another kind of clash of clans game.
you try to build-up a new and interesting alien-like world to explore and to build on, but tasks are handed so quick that there is no time to invest in the environment, not to mention that there is no pacing in the introduction, making it even more dull. this means that all the environments becomes bland and uninteresting because the game focuses more on the buildings and the missions rather than the environment. you advertised on a new world, but there is no backstory, no interesting characters and barely any development in anything. I know i'm ranting a lot on the environment, but that's the only thing that can save you from a game that has nothing new to show. and speaking of a alien-like environment, it is something that has been done so much before it's honestly boring at this point (examples are: galaxy life, Dragon City and Path of War).
and the worst part is that there's nothing new here. If there is some special gimmick i'm not aware of, please explain to me how this is new and interesting compared to the hundreds of other C of C rip-off games. everything I see here, has been done before (and better).

and now, lets get the elephant out of the room and talk about the micro transaction. sure you don't HAVE to pay, but it's the only way to keep the gameplay quick like in the beginning (like you want it). basically putting you in a situation were you are almost required to pay to have a fast-paced game. I can see trough your dirty tricks AMT-games.
games like these don't belong on Newgrounds. This is a site were people make flash games to give other players a good time. And you try to give us a good time by letting us pay money (I already explained why, so don't deny it).
that's low.
please go back to Facebook with money grabbing games like these.

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AMT-Games responds:

Hello Willem Bernasco,

Thanks for a really detailed review. We understand the lack of story line, however as the graphics are excellent and gameplay goes smooth, we also want a story line to be of a high quality.

When we come to a quality story concept we might add it in a future version of the game. But at now releasing poor story, just to have it is not our goal.

As to situations you mentioned "where we force people to pay". Actually we can't make it the same as on mobile (where you speed up things but watching adverts, without paying), but we will find a different solution.

As to gameplay feature - there is a duel available where you compete in destroying a base with another player and you both have equal army and can watch each others replay after competition.

We will do better, thanks for contributing the ideas!

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3.80 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2016
11:33 AM EDT
Strategy - Other