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Vast Dungeon

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This is verion 1.0.2
Controls: WASD or Arrow keys to move, that's it! (When you get the sword you can now use space to attack!)

You can create your own dungeon! No save and load functions yet, but in the download version there is a level code that you can find in the local appdata and share online. Don't know if I'm able to make a proper save and load feature in the future.

You can download the game at http://gamejolt.com/games/vast-dungeon/173489

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This game creator is pretty simple, but still has alot of potential. The different elements are fairly simple, yet I can imagine that you can create harder puzzles/rooms with it, however it might be a problem for larger puzzles that rooms reset after you enter 2 different rooms afterwards.

Your sample level also shows all features of your creator in a very good way without being too long, hard or boring.

However I do have some problems to note: I know that this game creator isn't really designed to be on a webpage (as the sharing of the levels requires going in the game's files and copying and pasting folders) , but having to scroll in a flash game is not really a good choice, as the whole page scrolls when you scroll when you are not in full screen, so maybe if you want to actually improve the webpage version I'd reccommend rebinding the keys for scrolling through your items to prevent the entire page from scrolling.
Also I noticed that you can place multiple instances of the player on the map, which lets the game glitch out a bit when 2 or more instances of the player are in different rooms. you should limit the player count to 1, or, when you intend on implementing a feature where you can switch between different player instances, make it like that so that the camera focuses on only one instance of the player and only controls on the selected instance.

Jonnill responds:

Just wanted to say that you can use the arrow keys to scroll through the items. Anyway, thanks for the feedback! I'm working on a update right now so that the game can be even better.

This game feels like a zelda dungeon without enemies. This makes me wonder what is the point of the sword?

Jonnill responds:

I'm working on a update right now, the sword was only ment to destroy crates, but the game didn't really force you to learn that because you could skip the first crate, and many people wanted to kill the enemies (There is enemies later in the sample stage), I didn't actually want that at first, but I guess that people always want a opportunity to kill. I'm doing my best to make the game better, so stay tuned for updates!

Cool idea, but it needs work. Enemies next time! Spawn some enemy sprites and just have them move around randomly and bounce off walls. Then our dude can maybe bonk or shoot them.

Nice game, definitely has some room for improvement. I want to ask when did you start working with game maker, and how long it took you to make this game. I'm just starting with game maker and I wonder when is the right time to start making my own games.

Jonnill responds:

I started with Game Maker when I was 9 actually, but I didn't really start seriously and complete small games until now. This game took me some months but I was mostly lazy and did one or two things per day, compared to my other game Love is on the bus which took 3 days and impressed a lot of people, but I would like to make updates to the game if I get feedback.

And for when to start making games, the right time is now. Watch tutorial videos on YouTube (watch Shaun Spalding he's awesome) then start really small, I think Vast Dungeon is considered a medium game because of the level editor, it took knowledge to do. Making games should never be too late.

this is good game

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2.91 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2016
8:42 AM EDT