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If cannot start the game... so download Installer for Windows xp and newer.


Shortcuts for Windows version:
F4 - Fullscreen
Esc - Quit game
Ingame added Save and Load function, only Windows version.


About the game:

Game is simple...
You are leading companies engaged in mineral mining, hiring workers, buying mines and improvements. The game has two ends. Once you have completed the first end and is not frightened that the game is restarted, the menu selection will be "Crazy Mode" (Short Bonus) So, confirm it and select any game mode.

How to play:
Can be found in game menu...

Buy coal mine (click left mouse button), mining (buy worker or hold left mouse button for mining) sell mined ores and buy upgrade, sell mine (Hold Shift key on keyboard or middle mouse button) right click on coal icon and buy iron mine.

Hold key B for Return to the main menu (does not restart the game)

Ingame select Language (English/Czech)

Additional information:
- In the production of this game, I was inspired Idle games and Terraria by Re-logic.
- I worked hard to make the game had local save position but I failed. Therefore, I hope that you will not be bad for me. If there is interest I create a Windows version which will include Save position.

Special thanks for:
Dorgat - Tester this game
Dubmood - I used his music for this game.

Good Luck...

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I cant sell mine and worker in mobile

Fun until Palladium. Each level takes a few minutes to maybe 10 but to get from Palladium to Mythril it takes like 2+ hours. Don't forget the 20+ minutes of just holding down the sell button. Wtf lol Dropping a star from 4 to 3 because of this.

Fun until you get to Paladium. And then you basically give up b/c it takes forever to get to the next level of 20mil, and there's no way to save. Good attempt though.

It's fun for a few minutes then loses its value VERY quickly. Still better than many other clickers out there though.

despite the fact that the game doesn't save at all, my god, does this game offer a lot.
mini-games, slot machines, a faster pace compared to other indie games and the catchiest song I've ever heard for an idle game.
nice job.