Pulse Runner

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A Brisk Walk 5 Points

Beat all Easy Levels

What Do We Have Here? 10 Points

Find a Collectable

1000 Beats Per Minute 25 Points

Collect all Hearts in the Medium Levels

A Swift Jog 25 Points

Beat all Medium Levels

A Vigorous Sprint 50 Points

Beat all Hard Levels

Eyes Opened 50 Points

Find 5 Collectables

My Heart is Racing 50 Points

Collect all Hearts in the Easy Levels

Bright and Curious 100 Points

Find all 10 Collectables

King of Hearts 100 Points

Collect all Hearts in the Hard Levels

Author Comments

[Update 4] Easing it up:
- The falling velocity of spikes has been slightly reduced.
- The off time for lasers has been significantly increased making it much easier to get through them.
- The number of hearts in the levels has been significantly decreased and each one now counts +1000 to score (All Easy levels have 5 hearts each, all Mediums have 7 each, and all Hards have 9 each).

[Update 3] Load time improvement and new aesthetic: Turns out that those backgrounds were making the game REALLY big, and therefore slow to load. I have redone all the backgrounds and added in a cool new border. The game is now ~16mb and should load a lot faster.

[Update 2] Load time improvement: The game file was ~70mb. I removed a large unused asset and it is now ~25mb. This should result in much swifter load times.

[Update 1] Republished: I have made numerous changes to the way lasers and other systems work in order to hopefully improve performance and reduce lag. Let me know if it works!

Run, jump, and collect through 30 levels of increasing difficulty. Make sure to avoid pits, falling spikes, and pesky laser beams. Have fun!

Try to collects as many hearts as your can (within a single run of a level) and complete the levels as quickly as possible to get a higher score for each of the three difficulties. Once you have a positive score, you can submit it to the scoreboard and compare it to everybody else. (Scores less than 0 will show as 0, and you will not be able to submit them.) Each heart is worth +100 score, and each second you take is worth -10 score.

- Move right: right arrow / D
- Move left: left arrow / A
- Jump: up / W
- Pause: P (To understand someone, you may, at times, need to pause and think...)
(down arrow / S does nothing... no need to press it...)

Collectable Hints:
- There are 10 total: 3 in the Easy levels, 3 in the Medium levels, and 4 in the Hard levels.
- They appear in-game as dark, shadowy versions of themselves.

I will update this game on a basis of necessity. If there is a serious bug/glitch, I will do my best to fix it and update the game asap. Also, if there is a level/levels which end up have as issue (i.e. being way too hard for most people to complete), than I am willing to go back and make minor changes to certain levels to improve their playablity. This may be an issue with the hard levels. They can all be beaten consistently, I want them to be hard, and I have tested the heck out of them and tried to make them fair... but you can only test so much. So let me know (be specific). Thanks!

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I'm not lying when I say that I've spent at least 5 hours playing this game just to f*cking beat it.
The last levels in hard mode were almost insane but I managed to beat them. Someone please kill me lol.
The game was really entertaining, maybe the character slided too much but overall it was pretty good.

You're in a cave, there are cave sounds in the background, even collecting staff cound like creature shrieks... let's add some cool/energetic music on top of that.
I mean... the music is nice but it doesn't really fit... especially with echoing sounds in the background.
Other than that- it's pretty nice.

BodoFragins responds:

I enjoy the music, but it's not for everyone. There is an option under Settings in the main menu to mute it, if you like.

I did get all the hearts and beat medium but i didn't get the 2 medals from medium :/ btw the collectables,i don't know what i need to do to get them,i did find some faces but it doesnt show nothing on the extra ._.

Unfortunately, I felt the controls were a bit janky. As for the jumping itself, it just felt..wrong, though I'm not sure in what way. Mostly I had difficulty with the slopes, due to the unnatural sliding, as well as the fact that I was constantly unable to properly jump from them upon landing. Through in some light lag, and well...

I appreciate this game because of the different difficulties it has. I thought it would be too hard. This is some really awesome music! I'm glad to hear it! Sometimes, it's hard to tell where the door is. The last level was obviously the hardest.

I got the first medal, that's enough. The title is pretty nice too. I like how straight the lines are. It's easy to understand everything. It's quite a clear cut game.

Credits & Info

3.21 / 5.00

Aug 4, 2016
5:40 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop