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This is a demo reel show casing some of my work in 3D rigging and modeling. This was made using Maya and After Effects.

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You are a talented 3D-Artist, no doubt. But for a demo-reel you show us just a little of your variability. I would recommend to add more different art styles, not only 3D.

However, if you want to apply to an job were they "only" want to see a pitch of your 3D art, you should include at least 4 different scenes. The last 2 companies I did freelance work for (as author and translator, I don't have your talent) always wanted 4 (or more) different styles in a demo reel to assess the quality of an artist before he/she even gets the chance to be hired.
I hope this may help you, 'cause I can see some potential in your work.

JohnBurch responds:

Hi Jack,

I saw your post earlier and sorry I was not able to respond. Thank you so much for your advise. The demo reel is a work in progress and I intend to improve on it adding what you suggested. I just graduated from AI Pittsburgh and wanted to get some thing out there in the public to get a critique on my work so far. I saw the other comments and it would have been useful if they gave me some advise but, you have to have thick skin to put yourself out there, otherwise none of us would be doing this. I will be sending out a revision on my demo reel and again thank you for the advise.


3D animation is very cool
The music fitted the scene but could have been more interesting
If you're going to release something on visuals alone, make it way more interesting

Otherwise, the story made no sense and was boring

1.0 stars for the animation