House of R'Thoth

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Awakened in the Weeping House, the Constant must fight her way through mazes designed to test her limits. But to what end? And who is it that is testing her?

9 levels, 14 enemies, 42 full cycle animations and 7 endings await you as you work your way through the ever changing mazes.

Game uses cookies to automatically save as you progress, so private browsing, cleaning cache et al will wipe your data; you have been warned!

W/Up Arrow: Up
A/Left Arrow: Left/Backslide(while attacking)
S/Down Arrow: Down
D/Right Arrow: Right/Backslide(while attacking)
Click1/Z/J: Jab
Click2/X/K: Slam
Backslash/End: Exit Level to Menu

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Pretty good, but for so much work the "good" ending is unsatisfying. I would feel better if every memory is unlocked upon defeating everything.

The reason is unknown, but you can only hear the sound of your game.
I am so sad that I can not enjoy the game properly.

Good game like always. Can't wait for your next one as it has been over a year...

Finally beat the game, if you are having lag issues, make sure you are logged in, not in private browsing, and reload the game, that should solve any lag, my favorite scene is losing to the dick red lady in boss arena, and getting all the memories was a chore, but worth it.

really good game overall but i hate those fucking red goblin motherfuckers i only died to those things