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House of R'Thoth

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Awakened in the Weeping House, the Constant must fight her way through mazes designed to test her limits. But to what end? And who is it that is testing her?

9 levels, 14 enemies, 42 full cycle animations and 7 endings await you as you work your way through the ever changing mazes.

Game uses cookies to automatically save as you progress, so private browsing, cleaning cache et al will wipe your data; you have been warned!

W/Up Arrow: Up
A/Left Arrow: Left/Backslide(while attacking)
S/Down Arrow: Down
D/Right Arrow: Right/Backslide(while attacking)
Click1/Z/J: Jab
Click2/X/K: Slam
Backslash/End: Exit Level to Menu

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Need download, fun but too laggy on browser

Love it


im gona give every one some advice on how to get all the sex scens. if you go into a room and dont go to far in the room the enemis wont spawn so go in dont spawn the enemis and than go out of the room and go in the room agan and the enemis wont spawn

if you get raped you get lose hp if you get to red you lose the leve

there is a way to avoid geting red and stil get the galery unlocked when you get into a rape scen relod the page and you wil get into the menu and the enemis scen wil be ulockd in the galery dosent work on the second song boss every third level is a song level and if you beat it you get into an infinit level where you need to fail. there some enemis you wont encounter for a fev leves so you can unlock scens there

song boss 1 : you should hit every boss once wit a heavey atack/slam whn they spawn so do that wit this one then go to the botom left corner and hit her whit a jab if you tme it right you wil damage her an thet one wil be the real one after that wait a bit and go into that corner they wont atack there and hit the real one wit a slam do thi agan until you win

song boss 2 :just hit them over and over agan whit a slam dot give them any time to do any thing this one is easy

song boss 3 : you wil ned most of your healt for this one this one is hard yust hit them wit slams until they die you can try doging but its hard

and most inportantly if you start a new dream every scen in the galery wil be lockd again so dont do that.

and there will be a final 6 fights you get an ending based on what to you fail to you can unlock al endings in one run becaus if you fail you get right back into the final fights

you ned to knock out the two deeamon girls at the same time you wil understand when you get there

and after the deamon girls there wil be another enemi you can only damage it wit the heavy atack

good luck

I like how easy it is to move from floor to floor but I can't seem to figure out how to get an ending
I suppose that losing too much makes you lose a floor

So would that particularly mean something like there being a certain amount of floors you can move up and down? like, lose too many you go down to the basement and ending and win too much you get an ending in heaven?

I like how cryptic the story is, but it would be nice if there was something to point how to get endings generally

but overall I'd play this for hours and not get bored, thank you for your work.
oh and thank you for reading my tiny rant

sidenote to the other people playing: if your game is lagging maybe it might be a good idea to switch to a lower res as that accounts for some issues in videogames

Credits & Info

3.82 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2016
12:45 AM EDT