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A platformer where you can't jump. Fortunately, you are no ordinary character; you are Cloudia, a llama lighter than clouds. Use arrow keys, WASD or the mouse to move. This is a short and experimental game, I hope you enjoy!

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What a clever ending. It's right under your nose, but you have to understand the mechanics to get there

Very fun little game.

Original, Would play a full version or pay.. if i had money..

Pretty neat. I love the presentation, it's full of personality in spite of its simplicity, and I love the little tapping sounds made by the llama's hooves.

The concept of the game is really intriguing as well. We basically need to hop through clouds or collect leaves (I'm assuming coke, since it's originally from the Andes) to jump higher. There are some fun little challenges here, I just wish there were more.

With that being said, some levels only involve a very simple game of figuring out where to go next, without much challenge. Maybe some better level design could have made this better.

I love how it looks but it doesn’t work great on phones. It’s ok if it’s not intended for mobiles, but if it’s not you should specify. It only walks in one direction. Eagerd to try on the computer

Such a great game, I love the idea of a platformer without jumping, but I would have give you 5 stars if it was longer.