I Broke The Time

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Professor Timothy composed a time machine out of gazillion clocks. When his machine broke down, IT BROKE THE TIME! All the hours and days got mixed up. The machine also scattered those clocks all over professor's lab. This malfunction of time causes time clones to appear. Avoid them to prevent time paradox from happening. Professor's machine also unleashed some sort of Time Lord who is after you.

In order to repair the time machine and thus the time itself you need to restore all the hours from all the week days. If you manage to collect 24 clocks from Monday-Sunday and defeat the Time Lord, you will save the day. Get it?


Excellent game! Very enjoyable!

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I don't know what people want if they don't think this is a 5 star game. I was afraid of the concept at first because I've played other games with shadow replicas and they were frustrating and not at all fun. The fact that you limit the shadows' movement to a second makes it manageable so it can be properly enjoyed. But the concept and mechanics aren't why I think this is a 5 star game, it's the extreme level of polish.

Even if a game is just a clone of another game, it can still be good if it's polished enough. Excellent job!

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A fun and challenging platformer. The boss battle has to be the most frustrating part, because you can't really stop to think about your moves for more than a second or two.

And anyway, shouldn't a Time Lord thank me for essentially doing his job for him and fixing time? Maybe give me a jelly baby?

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Great game

I liked the concept of the game. Time based games usually are confusing and aren't that original. Yet this was a simple platformer with an interesting idea. It dose get boring quite fast though. It gets tireing grabing 24 with little happening. I recomend adding more different types of clocks. Like a grandfather clock thats worth 2 clocks, A mirror clock that has a shadow follow you for 5 seconds, etc. Other than that I really liked it. I hope you improve and make this onto newgrounds.

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3.88 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2016
3:03 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle
  • Daily 3rd Place August 3, 2016