I Broke The Time

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Professor Timothy composed a time machine out of gazillion clocks. When his machine broke down, IT BROKE THE TIME! All the hours and days got mixed up. The machine also scattered those clocks all over professor's lab. This malfunction of time causes time clones to appear. Avoid them to prevent time paradox from happening. Professor's machine also unleashed some sort of Time Lord who is after you.

In order to repair the time machine and thus the time itself you need to restore all the hours from all the week days. If you manage to collect 24 clocks from Monday-Sunday and defeat the Time Lord, you will save the day. Get it?


Awesome game!
Music and sfx are good, and grapfics is well made, too!
I like chaotic platformers like this, even though they are very hard.

Here are some tips for the Time Lord:
1.Use every bomb as much closer to Time Lord for more damage
2.Do not waste bombs, because if you do, there will just be more and more clones to avoid
3.The Time Lord doesn't use portals, so keep in mind that portals are the best way to get away from him(or her/it).

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good story approach.
i copy the control freeze, win7 ff47.0.1, 16 tons of ram.
music is somewhat dramatic.

Solid game, solid art. Randomness is = to fun. I enjoyed the game mechanics. I felt a bit tedious with the same replayablitiy. Perhaps add a different mechanic aspect : / ... but I would definitely add some more sound tracks that dont loop so much. It hurt my brain yanno. Managed to beat the boss, though it took me a while to figure out that the closer the boss was to the bombs the MORE damage it took...would have been helpful to know. I am a fan of your mechanics. Look forward to seeing watcha bring out next.

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Cool ~30 minutes platformer with a simple yet pretty strategic cloning mechanic. It came with a slow (too easy) start for me, but half through the game it became a solid and diverse challenge, with a final boss stage which did a good job putting all the learned skills to the test.

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The game lags on my machine no matter what, I've played games WAY more intense on my PC on the highest settings with no problem

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ragevb responds:

Sorry to hear that. What browser/OS do you use? Please try updating your flash player and/or browser.

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3.88 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2016
3:03 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle
  • Daily 3rd Place August 3, 2016