I Broke The Time

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Professor Timothy composed a time machine out of gazillion clocks. When his machine broke down, IT BROKE THE TIME! All the hours and days got mixed up. The machine also scattered those clocks all over professor's lab. This malfunction of time causes time clones to appear. Avoid them to prevent time paradox from happening. Professor's machine also unleashed some sort of Time Lord who is after you.

In order to repair the time machine and thus the time itself you need to restore all the hours from all the week days. If you manage to collect 24 clocks from Monday-Sunday and defeat the Time Lord, you will save the day. Get it?

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I love the mechanics of the game is just

Nice & simple game with only 7 levels + 1 boss.

"Daily challenges" I find to be a really poor attempt to try and prolong gameplay for medals since it just makes you replay the same 7 levels, 1 for each day. It fits the theme yes, but its no fun being forced to play on certain days to get certain levels for the equivalent of high score mode.

There is an element of luck involved since you never know where the clock would spawn (though its always in the same pre-determined locations), but you can mitigate it with clever movement. If you just stand there or move in a jittery manner, you might set yourself up for failure.

==Optimal Boss Strategy==
There is a way to beat the boss easily without worrying about clones.
* The more bombs you use, the more time clones will appear.
* Therefore, maximize the damage of each bomb.
* Trigger bomb only when he's inside it & nearly about to touch you.
* The time lord is not good with teleporters.
Good luck!

Wow, the beginning music sounds a bit similar to Overworld theme from PC version of Rayman 2. Well, it could last a bit longer than 7 seconds looping forever though.
Concept is nice. Artwork and music aren't bad as well.
Keep up the good work.

OH wow, that was awsome boy, really love it
A flash game that cause on me want to finish it, this is rare nowdays
Maybe, i'll take some levels with less clocks to colect and more black clocks
I know its 24 to hours of day, but sometime its too much

I didnt play all levels yet, but maybe larger levels with more black clocks too
its really fun to see the clones moving

Awsome game, I love
if you want to put a larger version of this on steam, i would buy it
with multiplayer :3

Absolutely FANTASTIC! 6/5 stars

The only issue I have is that the controls (left/right) occasionally glitch ... (In Opera 39.0 only)

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3.86 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2016
3:03 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle
  • Daily 3rd Place August 3, 2016