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Space Paws (Alpha 0.38.2)

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VERY IMPORTANT: We've checked that the game is not runing external scenes in Mozilla Firefox. On Chrome all they run fine, so DON'T USE MOZILLA FIREFOX FOR PLAYING THIS GAME!
We haven't checked other browsers yet. We'll try to find an explanation.
For avoiding this issues, we recommend to download the game or playing it on Chrome.


Here it is the 0.38.2v of Space Paws. This is the changelog from the last update uploaded to NG (0.25.1):

-Added a new planet with new characters, new story (This planet is under development, it's not complete!)
-Added an Easter Egg on Dog's planet (with minigame)
-A little step forward on Alison's route
-Added facial animations in many characters
-Some backgrounds are animated (Market, Easter Egg and Main Menu)
-New dialog interface
-New main menu theme
-5 new animated H-scenes (there're 8 now)
-2 new static H-scenes (integrated in one of the previous animated scenes)
-Optimization process: the game size is 50% less
-Fixed grammar mistakes, typos (thanks to our proofreaders!)
-Characters are now closer to you when talking
-Fixed some bugs on online versions.
-Sound quality has been improved.

As you can see, in every update we are working on the content and the quality. New planet has a better quality than Dog's planet and our intention is to keep this level on all the game. Also the optimization process is not finished yet, some H-scenes will run smoother in future updates.

Remember that the game is an alpha, so we are trying many solutions that could work or not. If you notice some bug or something weird just report it.

IMPORTANT NOTES: some H-scenes need to be loaded externally. We didn't notice any issue but if you have a very tight security on your Antivirus, maybe you'll have to allow the game to load some data.
If you're having for any reason problems with that, or you prefer to play it fullscreened, just download Space Paws and play it locally:

If you enjoyed and want to help making Space Paws bigger, consider supporting us:
(Note: Patreon now uses a charge upfront method)


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i dont wanna say its bugged because i could be doing something wrong but every time i have sex with the priestess thats it its over i dont even make it too the dog queen i get passed the gaurd and told to comeback and thats it and for the cats i literally dont make it after she notices im bleeding

got back to this and compared it with the 0.94.2 version. such improvement in artwork and gameplay really stands out


how do you get into alisons room i cant get anywhere with her

great but the save mechanic doesn't work for me :c