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Navigate through the underground labyrinth and rescue Lexi from her captor. Face the dangers, find the key fragments and rescue Lexi. This version includes the full game, minus the 4 part ending.


As mentioned it's really annoying to restart every time you miss something the minigames also feel somewhat unresponsive with the bar not moving even when you spamclick the hotspots.
For those that don't want to grind the same scene over and over the directions at the crossroads are
left, right, righ, left and left

Four attempts, and I couldn't get to the end of this, for the perverse reason LDeins described:

You have no way of knowing which way to go in the maze: but most choices seem to end the game (even if you overcome all the opponents you've met) with no chance of getting back in. Worst is, even once you find out the Green Cyborg Monster with the fisting fetish is the game-closer, and have to start the game all over again thru no fault of yr own, once you see him again (the next game around), there is no way the game allows you wisely to retreat and tackle him only later.

So you can't learn from the game as it stands - which is a big (and unfair) weakness.

What else?:

I do like maze games. Good because they offer a quest with curiosity and suspense (The best are ones that make sense even if only via trial-and-error, and do not pre-terminate you - the problem above).

The concept is excellent - three "naked adventurer sisters" on a rescue mission (Lara Croft, you loner!) to save a fourth from further sexual humiliation, braving sexual conquerors along the way and getting quite a pounding in various ways.

Personally, I think you could uncouple the sex (and conquest) from the macho power thing (i.e. power-based rape) a bit more than here. And simply have the girls as nymphos in Castle Raginghorn, with guys who can't help themselves. Even the guards are at it. Would make the quest even more heroic by our heroines (getting beyond all the fucking & sucking) ... Is that a minority view? Call me sentimental? :o) Maybe. Anyway. ...

Having said that, the sex scenes are definitely hot, if a bit on the power-scary side. Good art and animation, and use of sex variations, too. The women don't look too panicked, or brutalized (good), possibly even enjoy the bit of rough (okay), the organs are a turn-on.

As for the girls physically, and in their behavior/ideas/statements: pretty hot. There are a few cases where they fall a bit into the dreaded "lumps of clay added on" type of artwork - basically, the smoother the contours, the hotter the body, is the rule, hence integrated curves of breasts, not stuck-on cones - but the 3D is good, they're busty, stripped for action and pretty unafraid. All good.

I've so far no idea what the game gets into, how far it goes, - four thwarted attempts. ... so a star rating can only be based on what I've seen.

If the main flaw (as LDeins also identified) was corrected, that would be an extra star from me.

A bit of fine-tuning of the adveturers' (adventuresses'??) bodies, another half-star.

Maximum sex, with trimmed power-violence, would then be the ultimate winner, for me.

As it stands, only 2 1/2. But with a few tweaks, it could easily be 4 1/2. Very good basis!!

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Why do i have to start again if i find the exit without all the key fragments ?!?!? doesn't make sense to me since it gets annoying after the third try finding all fragments without the exit.

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1.81 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2016
4:53 PM EDT
Adventure - Other