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Move the mouse to guide your ship. Avoid enemies. Collect all the stars to proceed through the portal at the bottom of a level.

Edit: Based on 1989 game Crystal Quest for the Apple II

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I see some potential in there even though I'm not big on games that your character follows the mouse and you use the mouse to shoot. It just feels weird to me. Anyway... some enemies are so hard to kill it's pointless to even try. Actually this game is more about dodging than getting rid of enemies to get to the objective.
You need to add some sound effects. Some music would be nice too. Shop needs an upgrade. Boost in it are too random and you can get 3 of the same item that you can't afford for a few turns and it feels like it does nothing.

Pretty boring overall. The UI between levels says absolutely nothing, what does the hour glass mean? why are the only upgrades I can get, exit keys? why would a wider exit help, then i finally get a scatter gun and it's completely useless, i'm better off just dodging and going for time bonus.

I really dislike the design of this game, the art is uninteresting, there's no sound. I just don't get it

Ok first of all.

Why are you not mentioning Crystal Quest?

This is a clone of that game. And you gave NO credit here. Not even a mention. Shameful.

The interface was so bad. You have to click to scroll down in the upgrade descriptions.. in a TINY bar and it drags down so fast you can't even read it.

You have to wait for mouse button to RELEASE before your projectiles fire. This feels completely wrong. If you tested that, you'd have realized that.

No sound.

What's sad is crystal quest was from like 20 years ago and it was immensely better in every possible way.

AFeastIsAFeast responds:

Edited the description to mention what I based this on. Crystal Quest was my favorite game for a long time. I'll probably be remaking this game to be more diverse and loyal to the original.

Made this in like three days a year or so ago.

Wait...The game says "Collecting stars and killing nasties will get you points, but it may be more worthwhile to finish the level quickly and get the time bonus". So I get a bunch of stars and then go into the glowing portal, and the level clears of monsters, and I get the rest of the stars...But then ultimately I get game over? Is the point that you CAN'T go through the portal without getting all the stars? But then how am I supposed to finish the level quickly without getting them???

AFeastIsAFeast responds:

You need to be fast. Time bonuses are only for good players :3

awsome game but so evil :~: