Escape the sector

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A race against time arcade game, racing through a voxel landscape.

Controls: Cursor keys - The instructions say "press here" because this was created primarily for touch. Here's the keyboard controls:
Turn left: Left cursor
Turn Right: Right cursor
Forward: Left & Right cursor together

Aim - Get the to portal at the end of each map. Collect items along the way.

Edit: This game is now on Android - see here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.DavidDickBall.EscapeTheSector

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Short but sweet. After getting used to the unusual thrust mechanism, i was cruising around, exploring each level n planning the fastest route to pick up everything n get to the portal in time. The levels get harder as you go and some are fiendishly tricky to complete, with several possible paths and dead ends to trick you with. The graphics are simple, but suit the style of the game and there is plenty of scenery for the unseen aggressors to destroy, increasing the urgency to complete the level. My only gripe would be the length of the game, 6 levels just isn't enough :) also, it would benefit from a scoring system, so you can compare your game with your best score and with your friends

It's fun, I like the graphics...the control scheme is one you don't see very often, and it's cool. The game is difficult, though. I ran out of time, I had no idea how far I was to the exit, and I didn't really feel like trying again. It was frustrating to be confronted with a choice, and choose one direction, only to have a blue barrier completely block me. Also, I have no idea why I'm collecting these gray and yellow cubes...

theonion770 responds:

Thanks very much for the feedback! I'm changing the levels and adding signs for which direction to go, and I've made an update where there's a reason to collect the cubes - so you can buy other spaceships!

Simple, creative and short. Perfect for a lunch time tea break!

Fun little game. The controls are simple but difficult to master. Gotta love a pat-your-head-and-rub-your-tummy challenge, with explosions.

Interesting concept and well-executed save for the absolutely god-awful control scheme.

theonion770 responds:

Ahh yeah. the control scheme was invented for touch, so you can press each side of a phone to steer. I agree it feels a bit weird on keyboard!

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2.76 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2016
8:37 PM EDT
Skill - Collect