Escape from Count Orlok's castle LPv1.8

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Second castle door 5 Points

You have solved the astrological puzzle for the second castle door

Demon is behind you 10 Points

You have escaped using the secret passage door

First castle door 25 Points

You have solved the word puzzle for the first castle door

You escaped! 50 Points

You have escaped from Count Orlok's castle!

Author Comments

Escape the clutches of Count Orlok and his demonic guards. Crack the contextual and astrological codes of the castle’s puzzle-bound doors.

Now available on Google Play for Android:

This upload is a level prototype [version 1.8]. Music, artwork and game-play are still a work-in-progress at this moment.


1. Escaping the demon guard and opening the stone doors to the secret passage
- At the start of the game you should go in the opposite direction of the Demon-guard. You can see his movement by using the map.
-Open the stone doors leading to the secret passage by turning the wooden wheel in the right corner of the door.
[Walkthrough video 1] http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/678571

2. Solving the word puzzle for the first castle door
- Clicking on the wooden board beneath the statue reveals the quotation by Edgar Allan Poe.
- Input the sums of required letters that are present in the ‘Edgar Allan Poe’.
[Walkthrough video 2] http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/678573

3. Solving the astrological puzzle for the second castle door
- Find the astrological chart in the third room from the first puzzle-bound doors.
- The degree-values of each astrological sign are important for opening the second castle doors.
- When exiting the secret passage make sure that the Demon is at least two rooms away from your exit-point. Use map before you leave the passage through the stone door.
- Input the degree-values of required astrological signs.
[Walkthrough video 3] http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/678666

I hope there are no serious bugs and that the game will be enjoyable to play.

Since this is a prototype level feedback is very welcome so that I can see what people find good/bad/difficult about the level.

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Jesus christ what an awful game. I can't beat the first level, because the wheel doesn't want to move fast enough. Sometimes I click it, and it doesn't react at all. Why does it have to be so haaaaaard? It also takes forever for the girl to get to the door, it's so fucking boring.

The forward buttons didn't work at the second to last door until the demon was right behind me, and I barely made it, was kinda rough. Also the astrological chart stuff was a little much, the signs aren't a very common sight, the matching was easy enough though. Also achievements don't seem to be functional, I beat the game and didn't get a single one. Other than that it all seems to be going good.

Ganderoleg responds:

Thank you for playing and for great score.
For medals, you should grant permission in the 'Newgounds Passport' when prompted. The Passport window should pop-up while you are in game menu. Once granted, the window won't appear until you change your NG user on the used browser or clear the browser's cache.
For me, Mozilla never opened the NG Passport automatically, I had to allow the pop-up manually by clicking the link from Mozilla block-notification when it appeared next to the browser's search bar.
If you have Chrome or Opera I would suggest you use that browsers for playing the game because they open NG Passport window automatically.

so i died 5 times figuring out what to do...
i read the guide didnt see the wheel cuz gamma was low my bad sorry
proceeded trough the door and the game froze i couldnt click anything of the icons?

Ganderoleg responds:

Thank you for playing, high score and for reporting a bug.

I'm sorry for freeze related issues, I used old API version (that didn't give medals but displayed the NG medal-notification window) and new API version (that didn't display NG medal-notification window but did give out medals) both in the game and they worked just fine simultaneously until now. It seems that NG changed something on their part and now I can use only one API version without problems.

Medals will appear on your 'Recent Game Medals' list once you won them but you won't see in-game notifications. I will have to insert medal-msgs manually in a next few days.

Nice game level, a bit heavy with the zodiac symbols, i had to search through web to pair signs with names but o.k.

Ganderoleg responds:

Thank you for playing and for review.
The level is a prototype so there will be modifications until the full game release. I will look into zodiac symbols/names issue in a next prototype update.

First, get rid of the "fog" and make it a bit brighter so we can see what is going on... I got killed the first time because I didn't see the wheel to open the first stone door.
Second, we need a better way to input the numbers, whether by actually typing them or bigger sliders with notches on them so we don't spend too much time trying to get it right when we can get killed.
Third, I don't know the symbols of the zodiac by heart had to google them and that lost time got me killed so give us the full clue even if in two locations like one for the numbers and one for the symbols of each sign.
Otherwise it's a pretty decent first game. Keep up the good work.

Ganderoleg responds:

Thank you for playing and for your feedback.
I did find the sliders to be a bit small when I finished this version of the prototype level and they do need to be bigger. With full-screen mode turned on it is relatively o.k. but in windowed mode it’s almost unplayable.
Two locations with degrees and symbols is a very good idea and it will also expand the exploration aspect of the level a bit.
The wheel was supposed to be a little harder to spot but maybe I overdone the blending part :) I think that the gamma values in the level could be higher, I made them slide from 0.8 to 1 but they can go up to 1.2 without disturbing the color-values.
Thank you again for feedback and I hope you enjoyed the level.