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never demo(SAMON demo 3)

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Jul 24, 2016 | 5:53 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Another small prototype of a project im working on, its not so different from the first 2 things i made(if you remember the other two). please give feed back.

Z: jump/airhops(one normal jump, then mini triple jumps, it will have you "float" for like a sec)
A: shoot
X: useless ground pound

-Far from done.
-The game lags at times(mostly for 1 sec, or less), if it lags at one part of a area, it should not lag at that same part/area(hopefully im the only one who experienced the lag).
-Ignore the bootleg venom(boss), at the time, i got the marvel select venom, that bosses face is subject to change(sadly).
-The big bouncing box thing cant die.
-The small ones can(one hit).
-There's a collision bug of your shots not killing the small boxes, i am working on that.(it also maybe could be that we might be missing the enemy)
-There's also a ground pound wall jumping glitch,
you do it by going next to a wall, but instead of wall jumping, you press X, and then you start jumping, you go up faster then a cockroach going up a wall if you kinda mash(only reason for ground pound so far), you can use this to speed run this demo.
-As of now, there is no music, im working on my own ost with famitracker.
-If you played the previous demos on a different website from Newgrounds, it may have a fake story line about a "spaceman" or something, and because of that, i think i have a new nickname for the character you guys play as.
sorry for talking too much.



Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

First of all, I'm going to say it right now:

The control in this game is absolutely abysmal. You slide around like a horse trying to walk on ice covered in butter (which could have worked if you at least used an ice theme.) Which is annoying because this also carries to air movement: when you jump there is no way to stop momentum. You either change direction or keep going. The ability to stop would be nice. The jump, while I appreciate the ability to jump at different heights, is also awkward itself. Because the two heights are so marginally different that they don't even matter. And half the time the midair "jumps" don't actually matter because, for me, they just stopped working halfway through the level.
Then we have the walljumps, and I'm making a new paragraph for those.

For some reason, you wall jump stupidly far out, and it makes you go so high you can literally just wall jump off of one wall if you want. Despite this, all the walljump areas are extremely tight, and this leads to loads of unnecessary hassle.
Also you seem to slide off platforms when you land on them because you carry your momentum even when you land, in a game that requires precise platforming this leads to many cheap deaths.
Speaking of cheap, I'm pretty sure that either:
>The second level is impossible and you didn't play past level 1
>You, knowing how the game works, somehow managed to get lucky enough to beat it and then uploaded it
I mean really, the first jump itself is unfair because if you hit the ceiling you can't triple jump, making you fall in the...I don't know, portal? ... and die. And this plus the previously mentioned awkward jumps makes it a complete gamble if you can triple jump after jumping early enough. BUt not too early or you wont make it. And then there's the issue where for some reason you can't do it too fast off the jump or you can't do any midair jumps, so you die.

And I wont lie. Pretty sure the walljump part is impossible. < This shows the three ways you can go about the obstacle, and why it doesn't work.

I mean, points for trying, but this is pretty subpar.
At least the sound effects are nice.

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