Top down Pac

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Play this game with Chrome only, the game engine i made this game with works best with Chrome.

Known bugs that cannot be fixed :

Enemies going through walls : the pathfinding behaviour in Construct 2 isn't considering the walls solid objects that the pathfinding objects should avoid for some reason, this isn't something that i can control or fix, sorry about that.

Sounds tearing with UZI for player : i have no idea why this is happening but i've tried changing the sound, the fire-rate and the volume but nothing worked. sorry again.
I like Pac-man, i like Top-Down-shooters so i thought i should mix them together and make this arcade game.

This is my first ever finished and my first attempt at making arcade games and not story based ones like i usually do.
(Surprisingly this took a month to finish)

All opinions, tips and suggestions are appreciated.

Follow JK-FlipFlop if you liked his songs :
And thank you very much for playing :)

P.S : don't worry, there's nothing special at the end of the game, don't get so determined when you reach level 10. just sayin'

Thanks everyone! i just love you people ;_;

Edit 2 : Underdog of the week too?! awesome! thanks again guys!

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Extremely good concept but it could use some polishing.
The game map itself is extremely large it covered my tabs screen and also, as SkyFire2008 put it, the ghosts could pass through walls which, even though I had great weapons in hand, can ambush me in the back and also in the front. The ghosts would sometimes cover chokepoints and trap me in a place where there's no space to run. Also the loading is horrendously long. I almost slept through the loading screen.

The music was great and the shooting mechanics could be a bit better. The graphics were great and has that way to make it look gorgeous while not lagging and shitting on my computer monitor. Make the ghosts more easier, take down the ability to pass through walls. Hopefully you make a sequel out of this. A great concept can't be completed without great and fair mechanics.

Ghoulers777 responds:

But there's nothing i can do about the loading screen since i'm loading tons of music as well as game assets, or maybe that's just because i used Construct 2 and it might have made the game file a bit more bloaty.

The map is too large to fit on the screen, so the ghosts can shoot you even when you don't see them. They also pass through walls, which is annoying. The fact that you can't just discard a weapon with no bullets automatically as well as automatically pick up a weapon when you don't have one seems pointless to me.

Ghoulers777 responds:

Well, i didn't want to make the map cramped so the player can evade bullets instead of just get stuck in a corner and get rekt, also, also what are you talking about? you can simply drop your weapon whenever you want to with the F key, it even says so on the screen before you start the game, also, automatic picking up would be annoying as it might pick really shitty guns for you, such as those with so little ammo also, automatic discarding would be too easy, really, how hard is it to just press F? seems like a bit of an overkill to actually add something like this.

music is awesome game play alright maze needs a little work great game all around!

Ghoulers777 responds:

Thank you :)

Challenging and addictive! Not too easy, not too difficult. The enemy AI is actually very good as they seem to target you instantly when you get nearby. I really like the controls though I would prefer to have the machinegun picked up by touching it, but it's no big deal. Graphics look amazing also! Nice work bro!

Ghoulers777 responds:


holy shit its way better than you told me! I can see the hotline miami influence in there too. great job bro.

Ghoulers777 responds:

Thanks bro :)
Hotline Miami is actually the whole reason to why i like top down shooter games tbh.

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2.91 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2016
11:23 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun