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Parallel World

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Game: Parallel World
Author: João Victor Pazini (Tanooki81)
Version: 1.3.5-BETA


[W], [A], [D] Walk; Jump
[X] Active Levers/Steam Levers
[R] Restart Level
[M] On/Off Sounds
[Home] Go to Menu

Power Ups Info:

Slimy Power Up

Possibilities: Pass through Grid Blocks; Dirty the Floor
On Player: -15 Speed; -200 Gravity
Loss: Inability to enter the Water

Iron Power Up

Possibilities: Destroy Grid Blocks; Sink in Water; Destroy Enemies (Default/Black White Suit)
On Player: -30 Speed; -122 Jump Strength
Loss: Reduce skills; Melting Ice Blocks

Fire Power Up

Possibilities: Pass through Fire; Swimming in Lava; Pass over Magma Blocks
On Player: Default
Loss: Inability to enter the Water

Ice Power Up

Possibilities: Destroy Fire; Freezing Water; Dirty the Floor and Decorations
On Player: Default
Loss: Default

Steam Power Up

Possibilities: Active Steam Levers; Pass through Steam Blocks
On Player: Default
Loss: Default


* Fix minor Bugs
* Add 4 new Levels
* Change some Sprites


* Some Changes

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Not bad, but the singular option for the controls is atrocious, esp when all of them are jammed together. (WASD, then X for action, then R for restart when impossibly stuck, etc)

I do wonder if there's another ending since I took the easy way out at the "end" of the last black and white stage I played, but can't be arsed to go back through and do it again. Had some browser trouble again. Worked kinda-sorta fine one time, but another it blocked me on that weird Circle-Splash / Metal switch stage (the first one) playing on another day. So very strange. Always seems to work fine on IE, but I'll be condemned if I'm always gonna play stuff on IE.

Anyway, thought the music was better in this one, even if it was a bit sparing and itself a little silly. Absence of decent controls, no level select, no progress saving (none of these games do), and bare bones all around suck any fun to be had out of this, but I think with a little bit of effort, you could make something of this.

It feels like there was a point at which you just thought, "enough of this, either it's just going out as is, or it's getting dropped." I've done the same thing several times myself, which is why I've never bothered finishing a game before myself, but it's also a good reason why I never stop getting... well, in my case it's self-criticism. In this case, it's plain for the world to see. Just a little bit harder, a little bit more, and maybe, just maybe....

The game is pretty fun but can be frustrating, and the controls are a bit hard to manage. Also, I found a small bug in the one level where I fell through the floor and got stuck at the top and had to restart the game. Other than that though, the classic platformer style is always fun and I like it.

Pretty good but the controls really ruined it for me...

I draw the line at levels where one pit kills you and the other pit makes you wrap around to the top of the map.

Nice idea, but... the physics suck. The person moves too easily and jumps too high. Also it's too easy to die on touch with another person - maybe make the character less vulnerable on touch? Also the game itself is in really small window. It can be fixed by zooming, but still... I like the power-ups idea tho, that's good.